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Wow, thanks for the lesson on chicken digestion. Your chickens couldn't be in better hands.

I am so glad that Dee has recovered, but now I have to go out and check ALL of my girls to be sure they are ok! By the way, what does it mean "with the mother"?

I am so glad to hear Dee is much better! she is a beautiful bird :)

glad Dee is better, this is so interesting!
who knew?????

You are a wealth of information about animal husbandry, Anna! I should have sent you my bottle of Bragg's apple cider vinegar with the "mother" in it. I gave it to a friend--it's nasty tasting even with a bunch of water in tea! But I'm glad your chickens drink it when they need it . . . poor babies! So glad little Dee feels perky again.

Chicken RX 101. Thanks for the education. Should I ever find myself needing to Dr. A chicken, I know who to contact. :) Good that Dee is feeling better and back in the coop. Hugs...

You're such a good chicken mama!! Glad she's doing better :)

That is so interesting, Anna! There must be hundreds of people with chickens who do not know that stuff and their poor sick birds perish. I'm impressed, and glad your beautiful little girl is doing better! God bless them all! xoxo Jeanne in Idaho

Yippee Dee! So happy you are feeling better! Anna, you are the best momma your chickens could ever have. Now I just hope your little "talkin' to" to Dee keeps her on the straight and narrow! Doctoring job well done!

Oh, bless her heart! I'm so glad that Dee is getting better, and hopefully will be as good as new QUICKLY!!! Thanks for the info on the sour crop...that is something I had not heard of! I just love learning new chicken facts! :D

sure you're not a vet?...awesome that you check on your animals like you do and can "fix" most of their issues...nice going Anna!!! You saved the day and the chicken..glad to hear all is well...

That's great news!!! Hooray for Dee, I am glad she is feeling better!

Glad all is well and you caught it early enough for her to have a complete recovery.

My goodness you are such a good Mommy!

Your chickies are the luckies birds in the whole world!!

So glad to hear she is doing better! Hope the stern lecture works...it doesn't seem to ever work on my dogs or cats!! Take care!

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