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Ohhh Anna, they are sooooo cute and certainly their sounds all bring back wonderful memories for me :) I love when they dive and their little feathered bum sticks up!!

Keep posting about them - I love it =)

So incredibly cute and funny! The little "squeaker" is hilarious! "Look at me, look at me!" LOVING the video's ~ thanks for sharing them :)

Well she obviously has a loooot to tell to the other duckies, it's a she I know if for sure now *lol*

Love the videos Anna, thanks for sharing this fun swim video:-D

Inge xOx

They are soooo precious! I wish I could reach in & hug them! Thanks for sharing your wonderful videos!

I could watch them for hours, they are so squeaking cute! Thanks so much for posting these videos, we don't get to see critters swimming in Los Angeles.

I am literally laughing out loud at the cute little ducks and their antics! Itchy, Scratchy, and Squeaky are so funny swimming around! haha
That little one is SOOOO loud! LOL He/she cracks me up! I'm in love with your little ducks...so precious :D


Anna and Alan, thank you for sharing this adorable video. Made me smile!!

Oh Anna...I hope you know how much you're envied!! So precious! Thanks so much for sharing.

The video's are wonderful, they just make me smile!

I am not sure which is more fun watching the little ones swim and quack or listening to you and Alan giggle :) LOL. Hugs...

So cute! and she is loud. do they have names yet?

Wow, that is a piercing sound! What a great Easter video! I especially like the way their heads get all ruffled up from the water. :-) Thanks for the smile, Anna.

Ooooooh, how sweet- abnd yes the little one is might loudy- but in a good way! Thanks for sharing :)

Aww!! How adorable! She is loud, but it's so cute!

Oh Anna! How cute. Yes she IS very loud. Thanks for sharing.

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