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Who knew that ducks drinking would make such noise?! They're completely adorable...now I want ducks too! :)


I love the videos! I could never have animal like your chickens and duckies- I'd want them all to live in my house!

do i detect a little jealousy.... thanks for sharing...they are just too cute...


Cute x3, that little one is just precious. He/she looks like a Duckie Duddle. Will hope that the duck with the bad hip gets along ok.

Ohhh! this just made my dad..how sweet watching the three of them,,it was just too funny when they were looking directly into the camera...thanks Anna!!!

Sorry to hear about he bum hip.
Love the way they drum on the water dish. Hugs...

There's absolutely no better way of starting the day with this kind of little videos. OMG how cute little ducky's can be... *sigh* Thanks Anna:-D

Inge xOx

Another great video! Love their personalities...adorable. So fun to watch! Thanks you for sharing them with us! :D

I feel so sad for the one duck, what will happen to him? It's like he is bowlegged. I love how they were tapping their beaks on the top of the lid.
I want some ducks!


Oh Anna, no wonder you like ducks! They are so funny! Do they always drink by vibrating their beaks, or is that a baby thing? I've never noticed it before. Also, that is so cute when they put their beaks and faces right up to the camera! Adorable!

TOO cute! I love how they follow each other to the food back to the water! And it's so cute when they look at the camera! :)

Oh my goodness, such chatter!!! I love this video - and they really do love their water dish toy!

such sweet ducky talk!

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