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You have good place to work ;)

I love your craft area...such organization! I have such a small space in my laundry room that I seem to be looking for something constantly. I dream of a room or a corner of a room where I can get all my things together. Maybe one day....Maybe not!

wow!! I really hope I can be as organized as you are.. phew! :)

Oh my, how I just love organization! It looks so nice! BTW, do you know where you got the wooden 6-drawer unit? I love those....like old library card catalogs. :)

Oh my,I'm on my way to clean my room!!!
Thanks for the inspiration!!! Your room looks awesome!

So, so pretty.

Okay, now you have shamed me into TRYING to clean up my craft room! With a week off at the end of the month, that can be my goal. Then maybe I can turn the dining room back to a dining room! LOL. Still I would LOVE to come play in your cozy room. hugs....

I like how "cozy" everything is--right within reach. My work area is of similar size, and I love it. I'm not seeing your ribbon, and I KNOW you have ribbon. Where did you hide it? And what are those plastic boxes (stamp sets(?)) on the wall shelf in the lower photo by your flower pot stamp?

I just love your blog and your farm and your creative space. Thanks for sharing it with us. So often, you are the bright spot in an otherwise hectic day. You and your art deserve many National accolades! Congrats on your magazine publication.
Nancy k in WI

WOZER!!! that's a clean craft room..maybe I'll be inspired to do mine now...Where did you get your hanging stamp pad/marker/re-inker holder? I'm "supposedly" having one made from a guy my hubby works with..but he's not working fast enough...:) I want it NOW!~!!

I would love to come over and help you mess it up again! Seriously it looks great. I gutted my craft room out and went to IKEA. Shampooed the carpet, painted the walls and basde boards. Now I hate to mess it up! My daughter professionally organized me, so I can clean anything up I do it record time, so that helped. Still looking for the time though to create. Thanks for the inspiration you porvide all of us each day! I cut my little message from the back of the envelope you sent to keep. Thanks for adding it! Carry on now and mess that room up! Can't wait to see what you will cook up next!

Love looking at where other people create!

I was wondering about photos you take of your projects-do you take them at your desk or have a light system, if so would you tell us about it? Thanks for sharing-I sure need help in the photo department.

wow, what a working place! love it! mine really could do with some order, have to see what I can do about it. You've done well ;)

Thanks for the pictures of your design area. I am constantly trying to get mine arranged so I feel comfortable in it but so far, no success.
As for the little holder for the pencils, I have several of them that I got from the hotel I used to manage. They are used for holding brochures which are all over the place in a hotel. I would think if you go to one, they probably have at least one they would give you!!

I needed to see your "clean" work space. An inspiration knowing that there is a desktop underneath it all. But after seeing yours....I definitely do NOT have enough pens. A must get !!

Such organization. I have the space, the
baskets, a few drawers ( if you could find
them in my mess). I really do need to lock
myself in that room and tidy it up. I would probably be amazed at what I will find. Beautiful space Anna.

Your studio is absolutely beautiful. I was particularly touched by the little brown basket because of its contents.

Oh how I wish you could come help me do mine!!! Your space is so warm, and it tickles me to death that we both did the same thing on our table...I have the white cubes on either side also, with a white board I got at Lowe's in the closet organization section! I was so happy to find a white board, and I also store things on top like you! Too neat! You would die if you saw my room, I have such a mess, and way too much stuff (so says my boys)...there's never too much stuff, right???!!!
Have a great week...I got the books today I bought on ebay. So fun to look at! :D
Thanks for sharing your awesome creation station with us!!! <3

it looks wonderful, so nice and neat, a perfect space for creating. If you are like me, I get mine straight and it takes one card to totally mess it up. LOL!

Thanks for letting us see more of your room. Nice and clean now. I cleaned up my craft room, and haven't sat down to make a card since.

Wow, i would love to have a space like that so organized and filled with all kinds of goodies. Plus there is a fun farm just outside with friendly farm buddies. You have one awesome life. So glad I get to see a bit of it here on your blog!

Looks great! I'm inspired to go and clean up my space. Thank you for sharing those photos.

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