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Cute chicken

Poor dear. She looked exhausted.

That is so endearing. It wore her completely out. :) She's a beautiful little hen!

I've never seen a chicken lay an egg either, it is truly amazing. Somehow I thought it would be easier since they do it so often. I can't wait to show my children tmrw - they will be amazed.
Thanks for sharing.

Hi Anna! Hope your Easter weekend is off to a great start! I have a CHICKEN question, we are looking into getting some Silkie chickens and I was wondering the best way to buy them. I don't think there are any breeders close, so is there a hatchery that you use that is reliable? Thanks for the info!

She looked like she was going to fall asleep as soon as it was over. What an ordeal!!! Poor baby, but she did lay a beautiful egg!

Poor Luann, life will never be the same. I wish animals could talk - she'd have such a story to tell! Offended, confused, relieved, such a crazy day for her.

Oh My Goodness! She looks exhausted!!! Thank you so much Anna for sharing this video - it's awesome!

Hugs - and Happy Easter!

WOW, that was so cool to see! Thank you for sharing the video with us! She looked so tired when it was over - what a sweetie.

Poor girl! She is so tired. Sam said that he wants to eat that green egg. Maybe with a little bit of ham.

The squeaking sound of that door was appropriate - it made great sound effects for Luann as she sq-u-e-ezed that egg out of her body! :D

WOw! Luann you and something' chickie :)

Thank you Anna for sharing that video with us; it's a first for me being witness to an egg being *born*. Poor thing looked like she was ready to pass-out after discovering that beautiful egg was under her bum! HA!

Well you did yourself proud Louann. That's a lovely egg. But I do feel for you. Poor little thing. No wonder she wanted some of mum's love, after that episode.

well thats it from her today, probably go find some dirt and take a dust bath, lol I've been dyeing eggs today with the kids. The brown eggs look beautiful all colored up. I was afraid they would not color well. Have a wonderful Easter Anna!

Well, that was a first for me! I've never witnessed egg laying before. Poor thing looks exhausted and ready for a nap! As a "city slicker" we used to visit my grandparents farm as kids and LOVED it. I remember one summer my sister and I were staying for 3 weeks and our grandmother sent us out to the chicken coop to gather eggs ~ well you can pretty much guess how many times we collected them ~ after being pecked to death on the first go, we NEVER ventured back in the coop again! Nope, once was enough for us ~ from that point on, we would only view the chickens from outside the coop! We still laugh about it now, when we recall those fond memories on the farm! Thanks for posting the videos, I enjoy them so much! :)

Ugh!!! poor Luann..I'd probably look that way too if I had to lay an egg..lol....well..hopefully she'll get used to it..she looked so tired afterward...

Luann will probably be thinking tomorrow, my egg is coming.. my egg is coming........wheres Momma Anna???? I will need my chin rub and thata girl!

Oh LuAnn such a pretty green egg you laid! She does look tired after all that! TFS. Happy Day, hugs...

Poor little Luann! She looks so tired, it my be exhausting to lay eggs. And then you snatch it away! :) Such is life on the farm...soon she'll be an egg laying pro!

The "little" miracles of nature...I love them:-) Congrats Luann, your egg looks beautifull, well done girlie!

Inge xOx

Silly question...does it hurt the chicken?
She looked like she was ready for a nap.

How fun you got it on tape.


Oh the poor dear looked all done in. That was a beautiful first egg. It truly is Easter every day on the farm.

CONGRATULATIONS LUANN!!! I wonder if she thought she was just constipated??? LOL
Bless her heart, it has to be weird to lay that first one...I wonder what they do think is going on??!!! :D
Have a great end to the week, Anna! :D

Way to go Luann! Congrats Anna!

Awww...the poor little thing is exhausted...how adorable...beautiful eggs!

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