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You're going to have to buy another refrigerator just for the eggs!!!!! :D
Way to go, ladies! Keep up the good laying!!!

wow! that's a ton...you must be doing something right with those ladies...keep up the good work..I LOVE your chicken posts as I can't quite convince hubby to go this route...

You may already know this but I thought I would share. I get about a dozen a day and thought that was alot. LOL


That is a LOT of eggs. I hope you have some good customers to help use them all!

79, 79, do I hear an 83?

Wow! Congrats! (I think?!?!) You gotta have the best chickens in Texas!!! They sure do know their business, don't they! Bless their little hearts...Jeanne in Idaho xoxo

Great that you have a good market for your eggs as those girls are busy!

Have you told us how many laying hens you have? I think maybe you did, at least of some of the types. That is quite the egg tally! It's probably because you make them feel so loved and happy that they lay like crazy.

Wowzers! What are you feedin' those girls?

Holy toledo...no shortage of Easter Eggies at your house!

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