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OHHH, I have a duck problem too! I'm trying to be strong and not add to the ones already in my backyard. Have fun with your duckies!

Ah, your new chickies and duckies are so cute. Can't wait to see them grow up.

Oh my gosh how very cute! Lucky little duckies to find your nice home. Your new stamp sets are just adorable also. Gotta have 'em! Hugs.

So cute and so is the name from the past-Soup and Quackers-love it!

ADORABLE!!! Oh..so many names come to mind...but how about Jack and Anna-Stasia? If you pick those names I'll tell you why I love them.
Happy Anniversary Mum and Dad!

So are you naming these little ducks after Soup and Quackers or are you giving them new names? If new names are in order, how about Waddles and Puddles? Just a thought. I can't wait to hear what kind of chickens the "unknowns" end up being. Keep us informed!

It was so good to see you yesterday when you zipped into the city! LOL! I was so glad to hear that Tiny Tim was doing well. I told Sam he was doing well this morning. Sam is much relieved! We can't wait to see how your ducklings and new chicks do. Sam is a country boy at heart stuck in the big city. He loves seeing your picts!

The ducks and chicks are so cute!!!! I like Soup and Quackers...it's been a lonnnngggg time ago, so you can use them again :) Larry & I will have our 40th anniversary this year. Where does the time go?? HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MR. & MRS. WIGHT AND MANY MORE!!!!

Ooohhh!! I loveeee baby ducks. And they could prove helpful...when they lay eggs, can I try a few? If they are girls, that is...I have heard that some people with chicken egg allergies can eat duck eggs!! See, they are useful after all. Maybe I should go get some...;)

You make me laugh Anna; you have zero self-control when it comes to those sweet-feathered-babies :) How could you resist, they are so stink'n cute!

I had a white domestic duck when I was 12 years old ... she use to follow me and my pink, fuzzy slippers wherever I went, as she thought I was her Mom (we got her at a farmer's market when she was just a week old) ... but she was a beautiful pet and swam with me each summer at our cottage lake and created a wonderful learning & love experience that has lasted me a life time :) Her name .....



Is it wrong to want to kiss a baby duck? Those faces are precious! Glad they had you to adopt them :)

In Japan I had a duck named Kupie Doll and in Idaho at my Uncles Farm I was given a duckling and I named her Gabby Waddler..I found the longer the name the more the duck paid attention and she followed me all over the farm. I go see her on weekends and she almost went into flight to get to me as she got older..gabby waddler lasted a long time at my Uncle Mel's Farm and she was mine she sulked when I wasn't there..she were bff's..LOL..she talked a lot and waddled after me..GABBY WADDLER...

Well they are just the cutest things..and will fit right into the farm.
Heres wishing your folks a wonderful but belated anniversary greeting.

Awww...is right they are adorable.
Happy Belated to your parents since I'm reading this a day late.
I celebrated a birthday yesterday and it was a lovely day here in "Wally World"...I resisted the temptation to bring home baby kittens from the pet store too.

Oh My, more cute babies. Have fun naming them.
Happy Anniversary to Anna's Mom and Dad.
Enjoy a relaxing and snow free day! Hugs...

Who can resist such adorable fluffy babies?

OMGosh, how cute are these little guys!!

Oh when will Alan LEARN that he must RUN to the Feed Supply store when you are not looking! I secretly thinks that he wants more chickens so he lets you come, hee! But the DUCKS, oooohhhhh my! I see some Soup and Quacker WSD in the future, mmm hmmm! YAY! Love your new babies!

I knew somebody who had a pair of ducks named bread and butter!

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!! Sooooo sweet! I love each and every new tidbit of information and photo I see each and everytime I visit your blog. I'm looking forward to learning more about the ducks and how it goes with them in with the chicks. Precious! I tell you, positively precious!

Wow, Alan just can't take you anywhere, can he? *grin*

Happy Spring, love your animal pictures you post!

...and a VERY happy wedding anniversary to the Wights (D&L). Congratulations on the 39 years!

Anna - congrats to you too on the newest additions to the farm. Here are some name suggestions:

Aflac & Ava
Abby & Alfred
Bill & Flo
Bo & Billingsworth
Daisy & Donald
Daisy & Shmazey
Lucky & Ducky
Daffy & Daffodill
Duck-Duck & Goose
Felix & Franklin
Jack & Jill
Mr. Fedders & Mackenzie McQuack
Peking & Pickles
Romeo & Juliet
Scooter & Splash
Sunny & Stormy
Webster & Waggles
Wendell & Waddles
Whimsy & Whisper

It's just an all around banner day with baby ducks (could they possibly be any cuter?!), baby chicks, and anniversaries! How fun!

A thousand and one years ago, when I was perhaps 3 or 4, our neighbors/babysitters did what you absolutely should NOT do, and tucked two baby ducks in my Easter basket. A-dorable !!! We named them "Pick" and "Peck". We lived in the city, with neighbors a stones throw away, but my dad had lived on a farm as a child and knew how to care for them. He built a pen by my bedroom window, & the ducks quickly "imprinted" with me as their mother...following me everywhere. P&P were definitly fat and sassy, but they grew quickly and by winter, (in Minnesota) Dad said they had to go out to grandpa's farm to live. At that age, I didn't realize grandpa just lived in a more rural town and didn't have a farm anymore ... I'm guessing grandpa had duck for Christmas dinner. After that, we stuck with dogs and cats.


You make me smile from ear-to-ear! I love how you are so impulsive about the baby chicks/ducklings. I love the photos you post about them, I love them (period).

Thank you for sharing this special part of your life.


Oh Anna~~the ducks are SO cute! I love ducks, my great Aunt had them at our Old home place. There was a spring-fed pond, and they were just beautiful. Of course, the roaming dogs in the country used to periodically wipe them all out :( But she would find more, and have them until the dogs came 'round again...it would make us so mad! (she shot at them, at least) Your chicks are precious too; I just LOVE your new acquisitions! SOOOOO precious! I'm so glad you took them home with you! :D

Sounds like good names to me :-)

Gramma Dar

OMGosh, I WANT 'doze duckies!!! They are PRECIOUS! The chickes are cuties, too!!! I LOVE the names Soup and Quackers! Too cute!

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