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I never knew eggs came in these beautiful colors. It must look like Easter everyday at your house.

Hi, I linked this post to my blog and also put you on my blogger list. Hope this is ok if not I will remove.

Lucky are those who receive your eggs. Green or not. There isn't anything better than fresh eggs.

I thought about you today as I ran through HEB and chose Brown Cage Free large eggs! Wish I lived close enough to be on your egg run! These green eggs are quite something. I love the comparison of size too! At first I thought the small egg was the normal one...

Your eggs are lovely, and green to boot. :)

I love hearing about all of the animals! Those eggs are beautiful. I wish I lived close enough to get on the deliveries.

What a beautiful carton on eggs-they look so soft and pretty. tfs

Their names are sooo cute and clever! Cracking up at Thing 1, Thing 2, and Thing 3! Beautiful eggs, girls!

I'm sure your customers LOVE the beautiful green eggs you brought them! Wow, that would be such a treat...so pretty!
Your special hens are doing a very fine job of laying LOTS of eggs this spring! Keep up the good work, ladies!!! :D

Happy St. Pat's to you and all on the farm. Ohhhh, I'd love to get my hands on some of those pretty eggs. I am thinking easter eggs with out the messy dye! Too bad IA and TX are so far apart. Have a wonderful Wednesday, hugs...

Happy St. Patricks day to you!
I love that you give green eggs to celebrate. I may have to change up my cartons, and put more green ones in today. MY EE hens must be a bit Irish, lol

Top o' the morrrrnin' to ya! Just had to drop in and tell you this was a great post. Love those beautiful green eggs.

Happy St. Paddy's to you and the ladies. The egg colors are beautiful...and all natural too. Is it a certain type of chicken that lays green eggs? Does it always happen or is it now and then? I just love all of the great information you dispense!

I was never into chickens or eggs very much until I have been visiting your blog and I have to say they are quite exciting. How wonderful it is to pull an egg from under a hen and find a color!

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