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I have just fallen in love with Tiny Tim!!!!
Love his videos and his coat and his cockadoodledo...(hiccup) he is adorable.

This is so fun. How great it must be to sew something up w/your own darling fabric.

Congratulations on the cutest fabric around! Right when we think you just couldn't top it...you go and do it again;)
Also, congrats on only getting five new feather babies. You are really showing great restraint:) I would not have stood a chance. Hugs, Janet in NC

Shut up!!! Your own fabric. Blow me down! :) YAY FOR ANNA!!! So cute, girl! Um, I think you better start bustin' out more cuz your fans are gonna get unruly if you don't. ;)

What company is the fabric through, so I canask my local quilt shop to get it for me???

Ooooohhhhhh, they're both so cute in miniature! How exciting that you have your own fabric!

Your own fabric??? That is amazing!!! It looks soooo cute! Congratulations!!!!

Anna, it's DARLING!!! Congrats on your own fabric!!!! Wow.

Your very own fabric!! OMGosh that is toooooo cool :) But of course, I missed the items in your Etsey Shop - Again ! Congrats Anna one your cool, unique and one-of-a kind new product =)

That fabric is adorable!! :)

I love the fabric but it was gone along with the zippies by the time I got here. Where can I get the material? It was make an adorable apron and hot pads!!! You are always full of surprises and I love them all!

They are gone from your Etsy shop already!!!! Not that I am surprised, but jeesh, I guess it serves me right for sleeping in this morning. The fabric is awesome, you creations are, of course, even better.

I too went to buy and missed out. I can't wai till you post more. I love the fabric.

They were all snagged with in minutes. I am so disappointed! Love, love, love the fabric and the little zippies! Please do more!

OMG - they are so cute and they are already gone before I could buy any!!! You are wonder woman!!!

as if your zippies weren't cute enough, you come along with your very own line of fabrics! amazing!!!! :)

congratulations! is there anything you can't do?

Oh, oh, oh!!! I bought your fabulous Tiny Tim zippy :) I am so drooling over your fabric!!!! I'm so excited for it to get here and I will keep my eyes open on your blog for some of the same fabric...I want to make my daughter a sweet kids apron with it! Hugs!


Oh my gosh, that is soooo exciting!! You are my crafty hero :)

OMG Fabric, too !!! You are killing us. *the checkbook anyway!* :o) LOVE the fabric. You are SOoooo TALENTED. Happy Weekend, hugs...

OMGosh, I'm blown away!!! Your fabric is GREAT, I love it! And I can't believe there was some left!!! WOOHOO, I got a zippy too...you know that between me and Gabi, you are set for life! LOL LOL :D You are TOO amazing! Your own fabric! Oh my gosh, I cannot wait to see what else you have printed into a beautiful fabric! This could be the start of something BIG BIG BIG!!! I am SOOOOOOO excited for you!
Have a great weekend!

Good Morning Anna,
OMG!!! You never told us you have fabric in the works. At first I thought someone had stamped it, took me a minute to figure it out,lol How completely cool is that! Off to check Etsy, have a great weekend.

I just snagged the zippy right up!


Your biggest fan (the shameless one with not a single ounce of self-restraint).

Anna these are fabulous!!!

GET OUT! I'll check your shop, but these MUST have sold out within seconds of you post! Do more, do more! Love your sweet talent and your blog, girl (thought people might say stuff like that in Texas, hee!)

How awesome is this !! Great !!

How Cool Anna!!!

Oh my goodness. I just about fell off my chair when I saw these in your Etsy shop. I am resisting simply because I can't possibly buy everything you post. However, I will tell you, it is taking some mighty will power to resist. This fabric is too stinkin' cute! Way to go, Anna!

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