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They are soooo funny! Looks like they like their "new" old nesting boxes. I guess even in the poultry world, they have their favorites. Thanks for the cute update!

I love the hearing about your chickens. When you bring them in the house for a little TLC. I have a new appreciation for chickens.
Love the new nesting boxes. Looks like they like them.

Oh, I dearly love the chicken boxes you found! That is just great for your sweet hens! I'm sure they are loving them...how neat!
Thanks for letting us know the latest on your "girls"...they are so cool. And now they have some awesome laying boxes to brood in...SWEET! Have a WONDERFUL Sunday with Alan! :D

Nice new/old nest boxes. Hope this puts an end to some of the bickering :) Have a relaxing weekend. Hugs...

I just can't explain my fascination with your chicken stories!!! I can remember gathering eggs a few times (more than a few actually) but I think it's more in the way you tell the stories. I love the new nest boxes even though the baskets ARE cuter. Your girls must love where they live so they are quite happy letting you gather their hard work. Keep up with the stories.

I learn new things with each visit to your blog. Thanks so much for sharing your photos and knowledge and stories of the chickens. The antique Nest are really quaint!

These are awesome

SCORE. Hi Anna!

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