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My girls LOVED watching them swim in the tub! They kept asking for more videos...I showed them what you have...guess your fans want more! This picture is too much cuteness in one little pile of feathers!

Anna, thanks so much for the videos, pictures and postings of you blog. You remind me everyday that it's the simple things in life that are truly wonderful. Thanks again for sharing.

This picture just makes me melt because of its sweetness! I feel sorry for the little ducky with the bad hip, but know it's in good hands until the end (whether sooner or later) with the two of you! I can't thank you enough for sharing . . . making me smile.

My ears are still ringing from that little high pitch voice (ha). So cute and lovable. I'm glad I'm close and get to play with them, too.

Ahhhh! The best kind of baby--a sleeping one! Says the mom of a 6 month old... LOL Thanks for keeping us supplied with cute fuzzy photos!

Oh, these are great! Fun and educational, I don't recall ever seeing a baby duck up this close. Thanks for making the videos.

I can tell by the giggles in the background of the videos, that you guys are truly loving this! The babies are just too adorale!

AWWWWWWWWWWW! adorable. sleeping babies, can anything be sweeter?

Those babies are so cute and loved the videos! The newest one is so little! They look so soft and fluffy.

So incredibly sweet!! They are just darling ~ I'm enjoying the video's so much!

*sigh* I wish I could come over to cuddle them, just for a minute or two...:-)

Inge xOx

How sweet! Nothing like babies...Thanks for sharing, you have made me smile!

I didn't think they could get any cuter boy was I wrong. They look so peaceful. I love your blog, It really brightens my day. Thanks so much for sharing your life on the farm!

*So* sweet. I just want to bury my face in their fuzzy, softness! And the newest edition is just as cute as can be.

Little sleeping beauties...they are SO adorable! I want to pet them uber badly!!!
Thanks for making me smile tonight! I love this sweet picture! :D

This is the cutest picture ever! Love those ducks! And I really enjoyed the videos - you really made my day.

Oh Anna! They are the sweetest things! I always love little creatures that are sleeping - maybe babies the best! But, that means all kinds of babies, not just human ones! These duckies are darling - and your post makes me just smile and feel all warm and fuzzy! LOL Thank you so much - I needed that!

Nighty-night. Sleep well, hugs...

awww..that's a sweet little picture..I see a difference in their bills..why is that? the bigger ones bill looks almost purplish/filled w/blood..sorry..that's all I could think of...

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