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What a happy group! Never knew you could actually pet a chicken. All I ever notice is that sharp beak (lol). You can tell I'm not a farm girl, although I do live in the country part of NW NJ. How are you with black bears???

Oh my goodness I love this video!! Your chickens are just soo cute.

Thank you so much for posting and sharing with us chicken lovers. I have loved chickens all my life, i was an only child until i was six and even then it was a while until i had a sibling playmate. so i would go to the chicken house, sit on the roost and talk to the chickens... had to hear about that all my life, wish we could have then now, but my health won't allow. you brought back some good memories. have a wonderful day!

love that little video...love seeing all of your chickens..my hubby told me the other day "to stay off that chicken ladys' website"..kidding of course..but I wont let up about having chickens...we're techinally in the city limits, but have 10 acres..and i think a few perfect spots for a chicken coop...he's not buying it..lol...

Anna your hens are so beautiful! I truly enjoy seeing pictures and wow the video is so cool! (off to play with my new ebay stamps :hehehehe, that came yesterday )

Your chickens are so vocal! I never knew they were that talkative :-). I feel sorry for the one that keeps wanting to sit on her eggs. I have a single 15-year old incessant egg laying cockatiel. A couple years ago she laid a new clutch of eggs every 5 weeks or so. She'd get done sitting on a clutch, going back to her perch again after a 3 week egg sitting session, and pretty soon there she'd be again laying new eggs.

I have an egg question for you. Not sure if this happens with chickens, but the last egg my cockatiel laid was smaller than my thumbnail. Normally they are the size of a Hersheys chocolate egg (like a kiss size). What makes egg layers lay abnormally small eggs like that? She won't sit on it either but I dont' take it out because once I do she will start laying again and I know it's hard on her little body.

Aw, such sweet little ladies!! Thanks for sharing their day with us! They are just adorable...love the one inside the feeder! hahaha Too funny! :D
Have a GREAT Sunday!

Hi Anna, Your girls are too cute and funny! I love the crabby broody one. She looks like me sometimes. :) And Chainsaw is a crackup! Why eat around the edges of the feeder when you can fly in and scratch and eat inside?

that is so funny anna...you sure do love your chickens....! Prolly the most famous chickens there is....! awesome video!

Hi Anna ... thanks for the tour around the hen house :) Riggs (our dog), was sitting beside me as I was watching it, turning his head from side-to-side when hearing the chicken sounds! Haa It was so cute.

Maybe you should make that broody hen a papier mache faux egg for her to sit on :0)

Thanks for letting us nosey-parkers visit !


I really enjoy your chicken videos, but I may have to stop watching them. Last night I dreamt that I was back on the farm that I grew up on, and I had lots of chickens. They were laying tons of eggs all over the farm. People were stepping on them, so I was running around trying to save them all. It is funny now, but during the dream I was very worried about my chickens and their eggs. Crazy!

Love your movie! And I love the name "Chainsaw" ... thanks for sharing, it was so fun to watch!

Anna - I'm so glad to see how well your little chickadees survived the winter. My Alan wants to know whether the hen house you and jack (Your Alan) built is heated. We "shore" enjoyed the video. TFS.

Wow what beuatiful birds, they sure are tame. Thanks for posting, we don't get to see stuff like that here in Los Angeles.

My favorite today was the little one I think you called her Nugget! very cute!

I love your chicken coop videos. Thanks for sharing. I plan on showing them to my two year old grandson when I go to visit. He will love them too. I also wanted to let you know I got my pencil and notebook. They are awesome. I love the set. Thanks for the game. Mary

Love the hen in the feeder- that is one smart chick! Thanks for the video, it was fun to see your chickens. We raised chickens growing up, I wish I could have a few now but they are not allowed where we live.

Too cute!!!

TFS life in the chicken coop! They are a talkative bunch ;o) Have a relaxing weekend, hugs...

How sweet! They seem so happy! Can Chainsaw get out of that bucket without help??? LOL

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