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LOVED that little video..can't believe how calm the chickens are when you're in the house w/them..guess you've got them trained...

I love the video of your adorable chickies! I wish I could give them a hug! Chainsaw cracked me up..lol! This was a happy video..thanks for sharing it with us!
take care

Anna, your video is just fantastic! I loved seeing how the hens respond to you - and I never knew they could lay so many eggs in one day - in the beginning, with the black one, was it 10 eggs you recovered from under her? Amazing. I guess I thought they just layed one or two. (A city girl, for sure!) I think I could listen to their sounds all day long.

Wonderful! Thank You!!!

I can hardly believe I won. I came very close to not saying 65 because someone had already taken 64 and 66 and I thought it was too close to these numbers but I followed my gut feeling and I posted my guess. I am thrilled. Thanks so much for the game and for the video. I love it and can't wait to show my grandson. Mary

Anna, your video is terrific! It would have been a perfect addition to a Sesame Street episode I saw recently (don't even ask why I saw it!) in which the children visited a farm to learn about the entire egg process. Your video was equally, if not moreso, informative and entertaining and interesting. Keep the egg count results coming.

Wow! I counted 10 eggs you pulled from undrneath that black chicken!! Is that a normal amount for one chicken to lay in a day ?? She might need some Preparation H ;0)

What an enchanting video! Thank you so much for producing it and posting it. My Alan and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Goodness gracious those are well groomed chickens (and Rooster. That Wiley boy is sure a dapper one!

Congratulations Mary, oops I was just one off.
Loved the video, and reassures me that I'm not the only one who talks to my chickens. Have a great weekend!

Oh, Anna - what a great video!! I have NEVER known anyone who taped their chickens, and who were actually friends with them all! Isn't there a Film Festival for Farm Footage??? You'd win. You CRACK me up!!! xoxoxo Jeanne in Idaho where there is STILL no snow!

Way to go Mary!! I was one off with 64 - so close - giggle.
This was such a fun guessing game - you are so creative Anna! Thanks for the terrific video - the girls are lovely and Riley seemed very proud of them.

This is an Olympic Gold blog post! From the excitement of all those eggs and the winner of the guessing game to the video of your girls (plus Riley), this is just top notch! Your hens make such funny sounds! Are they young, or do they go on sounding croaky? And they seem to love it when you stroke their feathers! Soooo sweet!

Thank you so much for sharing the video. I love, love, love chickens and can't wait to get mine own :) We're getting some this spring and I can't wait. Your video made my day!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the video! Thank you for letting us see the girls in action! WOW, you are really getting the eggs this week! I didn't get to guess on the bowl full, I am glad you had a winner, though! How fun...
Give the girls a pat for me, too...I never had chickens of my own, but our neighbor had them. I used to gather eggs with her once in a while; but the hens usually scared the daylights out of me flogging! haha

OMGosh, that video is funny! I'm so jealous of the sunshine I could see, too! That one near the end with the super-funky feathers seemed like she was mad at you for putting her on camera before she had a chance to go to the beauty parlor! LOL

Congrats to Mary on her win!!!

Congrats to the winner. Love the video...you make this city-girl want to own a bunch of chickens so I can pet them. They're sweet.

This was wonderful and what layers..... oh those wonderful fresh eggs..... was watching and setting here and thinking... no wonder they produce like they do ...they know they are loved by your affection and touching....

Oh...only 4 off! Oh well, keeping my fingers crossed that maybe there will be another competition :)

And the video is precious! Wishing I had some chickies to look after!

Congrats, Mary. You're gonna love your prize--and if you don't, drop me a line, lol! I guess it was a good thing that so many people already had your first choice, eh?

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