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Sheer craziness! It has been unseasonably warm here this winter and cold in the oddest places (Texas, Tennessee, Florida, to mention a few). The flower bulbs are coming up and ready to burst into bloom, and now we're back to 23-24 degrees the last two mornings. If you're getting snow tomorrow, we'll probably be back up into the 50-60 degree range. Keeps us guessing . . . .

I can't even imagine what seventies would feel like! We are going to have single digits at night this week...BRRRR! And we had snow this past weekend. We are up to 45" for the season...
Enjoy that warmth! I'm glad you all got your fun snow, though...makes things more interesting for sure! hehe :D

While I do like winter and also love when it turns to spring, I don't think we've ever had that much snow next to that high a temp in MN! (in my memory, anyway). Predictions for up here include massive flooding if our heavy snow doesn't melt gradually.

Gee, We have a snow day today here in MI. Another 6-8 inches by 4pm today. UGH! I will take 40 degrees right now. :D

Okay, rub it in! 76 degrees. Lucky you. We are so sick of winter. Spring can't get here soon enough. Hugs...

I am surprised that you & Alan aren't constantly down with something. Hot, cold, hot, cold...

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