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OHOHOHOHOHOH! Love these! The cowgirl one just rocks! Do they just slip over the book? Is there anything you can't do Anna?lol

Very beautiful made !!!

These are very pretty. I really like them.

These are great! Are are so talented...you can do anything!!!

Girly! You have just been sewing, sewing, sewing! Love all your fun projects!

Mother has a "care package" on the way down. Some rather spectacular stuff too! I like the cowboy print and the bandana fabric fits right in. Foggy and rain love that Curling sport! Olympics Awsome!

So fun, Anna!

Awesome! These are just fantastic! You are amazing...glad you got to play this past weekend! FUN! :D

I like this. Love the cowgirl one!!

My goodness you are so talented! What next. Like Gabi and Jacque said, it is getting dangerous to check your blog. LOL. I think I may have my sister hooked, too. ;o) She loves your blog. Hugs...

Do I need to just put you on retainer?

Love these Anna!!

Um, it's not really for sale anymore, he-he! Anna, you're killin' me. I am almost afraid to see what morning brings! :P

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