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Super-Adorable :) How sweet are her pig tails and leggings?!?

She is precious!!!!!


It's love at first sight with me and your "pretty please" girl! If she becomes a stamp, she's coming to my house to live. Hurry, hurry, little girl! Her pantaloons/leggings are adorable!

Oh my,she is so adorable!!! DEF,need to get her!!!

Yes, I would love this darling girl in a stamp. Your coloring reminds me of my Raggedy Ann doll. So sweet. Thanks!

absolutely agree with everyone! cute and more of her for sure :)

Ditto the above. I'd love a series. I especially like the shape of her face - not the longer girl faces that seem over-countrified. I'd also love props that go with her - like a pie, or cookies, or a book and separate sentiments. Also, I'd love to see her in overalls and boots. I have all girls but one is more 'overalls' than 'dresses'. The stamp is a sweetheart - keep 'em coming!

I really like the idea of a series of her. One with a little chicken in her arms would be a good start. She looks spunky and fun, just like you.

Oh yes, you absolutely HAVE to make her into a stamp! She is adorable! And of course, she is a young Anna...I'm certain your Mom will verify that!!! :D I LOVE HER!

Aw how cute is she!!! Love her!!

Anna, I LOVEEEEE HER!!! And I agree with Kittie...we need a whole series!

Love her!!! Make her into rubbah and I think she would fly off the shelves! :0)

Oh Anna, this little girl is absolutely YOU. I want to see variations of this little girl with accessories such as little pets or a cooking theme. I would definitely purchase the set if you decide to make one.

She is adorable! How can anyone resist her?

She is so cute! I agree with the idea to make a series of her.

And I LOVED reading your dad's comment. Ü

Very sweet, and reminds me of me as a kid,lol
Yes, get busy, she would make a lovely stamp.

I think she is darling, Anna! How about doing a whole series of her???

she does look very, very familiar! of course you need to make a stamp out of her

Yup, It does remind us of someone we know. At that age the hair was a bit shorter and if she was smiling she would be missing a couple of teeth. The curtsy threw us off for a second tho.......... Love, Dad

So this is what you've been up to! :) You capture the sentiment so well in the drawing, you don't even need the "pretty please!" Nice job.

super cute Anna!!! She'd be a hit as a stamp.

I bet she looks alot like you as a child! SO adorable. hugs...

LOVE her...she's sooo cute Anna...

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