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I just love seeing the pictures from around the farm. The dogs are just too cute. I hope you have no or very little issues from the snow.

Wow, so wonderfull pictures, Anna - and they definitely had fun. It's always such a pleasure to see all these nice pictures on your blog.
We have two Dachshounds (Frieda and Julchen) and a few days ago they were picking apples from a kind of a miniature apple tree. (I have pictures of this *theft* on my blog - maybe you like to see them)

Greetings from Germany

your pics of the dogs are awesome! Our chocolate lab used to just love the snow also...she liked it better than the hot summer...looks like you've got as much snow as we do here in Mich....time for it to go away!!!

OMG!!!! I LOVE the photos!! Thanks so much for sharing. I realy miss those two nuts! In one photo it looks like Miss Daisy is taking out Mr. Farley in a full body tackle. What a disgraceful lack of manners! :-) I laughed so much looking at them run around like lunatics.
Thanks again Anna! What a treat.
Hugs to all, Manetta

The photos are GREAT! What FUN they are having...too cool. I'm sure they miss the Oregon snow! hehe
Thanks for sharing the doggie fun with us! What did you think about so much snow??? A rarity where you are! :D

It looks like you're living in the Northwest again! That is so fun that both dogs loved the snow! Great photos!

Beautiful pics! It looks like you got quite a bit of snow!
I remember when I was little and my family was driving through Texas when it started to snow... the cars around us were crashing left and right! I understand why, because I didn't grow up with snow, and I am really afraid of driving in it. I live in VA, so you can imagine how little driving I've done in the last week!

Enjoy the beautiful views while they last!

So, do you need snow shovel donations? I guess MN just couldn't handle any more snow and has sent our extra to you guys! In Mpls, there's just no place to put any more plowed snow and the streets get too narrow, so parking has been banned from one side of residential streets.

Your dogs having so much fun remind me to take a couple of my cats outside for a little romp on their leashes.

Such sweet pictures! Can't believe the snow -- it does not compute! Stay warm.

The dogs are obviously having fun. How do the other farm animals fare during this wierd weather. I can't imagine the cows are used to snow! :) Do you have to do anything special for them?

My brother had a foot in Lewisville and said there were areas with two feet just west of him. Unbelievable! Love your pics of the gang having fun!

We got about 12 inches the other day and our chocolate lab was in heaven too! It's so funny to watch him. We live on a little hill, so he'll roll over onto his back and wiggle and scoot all the way down :0)

The dogs look like they are having the time of their lives. I can't believe the weather this year. Places that are snow free certainly are getting their share this year. And we had one day of some sprinkles enough to cover the grass and we have been green ever since. And it has been so mild.

The dogs are having a blast in the snow. I heard Texas was to get some snow, guess I don't have to send ya any of mine. We got a whopper of a storm, and the schools are still closed, because the back roads aren't clear yet.
Stay warm!

Neat! Just a little more speed and they would lift off! I haven't seen them do that for a few years. Farley thinks its's just like up home! You better make a snowman quick and take some pictures it could be a few days before snow comes back and the Texans will be telling stories about Abominable Snowmen bigger than the ones in Siberia! Love, Dad......... Holy Cow Feb.11 2010 a red letter day!

Cute pictures!! :)

Nothing makes me smile more than seeing dogs frollicking in the snow. Thanks for sharing!

I just want to snuggle and kiss them both!!! Haven't seen them in a while so it's nice to know they're both doing well and playing like puppies!! I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE seeing pics of ALL of your family (animals and people). You have such a wonderful life and I thank you for sharing it with us all!
Lorraine Castellon-Rowe

Those are the best DOGGONE pictures...dogs really do have fun playing in the snow. Well, here in Idaho, we have NO snow...it's been a very sparse winter, although everyone else around the nation is getting plenty of it! I guess the weatherman thinks our 114" last winter was enough to last. I say we got gypped this winter!! Well, enjoy...the pics are beautiful, of course!! xoxoxo Jeanne

These are awesome pictures Anna...the dogs look like they are just having the time of their lives. Wow snow in Texas...who would have thought. I'm happy with our winter here (very little snow, mostly rain) which I can take any day over the white stuff.

They look like they're having a ball! I bet they miss playing in the snow! What sweet babies!!

How cute! What a treat for the doggies to get to play in the snow!

These are some of my favorite pictures you've posted for a while! :) They look like they're having a blast! My dog, Tanner loves the snow. Its funny watching him chase the snowflakes. We've hardly had any snow this winter here in Boise. The mountains are getting plenty, though.

Wow, y'all did get some snow! Looks like they had a blast!

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