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I adore the fabric on that crabby coin purse! Too cute! You are such a talented girl . . . I love everything you make.

Ah yes, Anna swimming with chickens, the pool torpedos shooting back and forth in the waves. Bats flying overhead in the evening sky after the bugs and droping "depth charges" into the water,while Alan chases them with a broom?Where is the video camera? Love, Dad Oh, Mom likes the one with the glowing frogs, she's a frog lady.

Anna, I would love one of the dog zippies...so if you want to make another one please let me know cuz I would buy it!!!

All of these are adorable, as usual. You are so gifted. I am interested in placing a custom order for a zippy or two like you made for your co-workers--one cat, one dog. How much are you selling these with the pockets and flat bottoms for?

Anna, I used the same doggie print on my baby quilt that I made for my great nephew. You can see it here: http://janescreativeprocess.blogspot.com/2009/05/finished-quilt.html

I'm a relatively new sewer. Your pouches are cute. I've made on purse and it was such a pain in the rump that I'm not sure I'll make another! LOL!

You and me both!! I just finished a grocery tote and zippered pouch for my Mom's birthday. I found a great new quilting store here in London Ontario and she has some wonderful fabrics. Where do you get yours? Can you shop online?

Oh Anna, I adore Frogs almost as much as I do cats and these are just cute as can be. Great choice of fabrics.

Anna, I tried to send you an email. Are you having trouble with yahoo? I would like to place an order for one of the pouches.
I will try again later.

Love your fabric choices. They are all very sweet!

Went to your shop and they aren't there, darn missed it again. They are all really cute, was wanting to see the chicken print.

A day late and a dollar short AGAIN!

Love your projects. I'm on a sewing kick right now and can't stop!

Very cute.. do you have a store selling these for you?

Very cool Anna...can't wait to see the chicken ones...
and speaking of chickens..we should have a little animal pic update soon..I LOVE seeing your farm babies...

These are adorable! I have been to my fabric store a lot lately and am not finding anything cute.

Fabulous Anna... Your choices in fabric are awesome...

I LOVE zippy! You do beautiful sewing.

Oh look at those dogs. They are so cute.
Love your new fabrics. Fabulous.

Hi, Anna, I took one look at the zippy with the frogs and snails and knew it had to be mine!!! It's so cute!

Okay, and I think we're all still waiting to see photos of you swimmin' with the chickens!!

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