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I really admire this, I mean it really looks interesting! I'm actually glad to see all this stuff,Thanks for convey this.

ARGH!!!!! I keep missing all your adorable zippies :(

Oh my gosh, those are just incredible!!! I love them...especially the cows with the pasture and barn, etc!! What GREAT fabric! I would LOVE to visit your fabric supplier! WOW, what fun! Isn't beautiful, fun fabric just addicting??!! Too cute!
You are making a lot of people smile...your creativity and talent are immeasurable. Pair that with your great story telling about your farm life, and your photography, and you are the BEST friend in the world for those lucky enough to be near you!!! :D
Have a GREAT week!!!

Super cute zippy! Love your shop!

My goodness you have been a busy girl. The only sewing I did this weekeknd was to replace a zipper in a flannel jacket. :(
I can't wait to see my zippy :) hugs...

Love, Love, the cat zippie! Lucky Jacque!! I have 2 cats...would love to get my hands on some of that fabric. Do you know the name of the company that makes it?

How sad is it that I knew this before your post? ;)

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