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It was 80 in Ocala, FL on Tues. and below frezing last night! Brrrrrrr!

I love seeing your maps (I moved to Washington state from Dallas)

But where are you located on this map?

Winter has been too LONG here. Spring can't come quick enough. We are looking at another week of cold temps. Sigh.
*No Winter lasts forever, No Spring skips it's turn* A comforting thought while we wait, and wait, and wait...Hugs...

Hey Anna, had to post & let you know you guys (aka Texas) where in our Toronto, Ontario weather report tonight on TV! haaa! We're are in the midst of some snow (we've barely had any all winter) coming our way on Thursday and up comes Texas with your snowy roadways and how it is the WACKIEST WEATHER Texas has EVER experienced :0)

Tell you what, you can keep it and send your normal warmer temps & sunshine my way :)

Wacky indeed. Here it's pretty normal (in the low 50's)waiting for warmer weather though.

A friend emailed from around Austin that this was the 2nd snow she had seen in the 12 years she has live in Texas-the grandkids were thrilled!

That is crazy. We had nearly 20 inches Saturday & Sunday & more expected tonight. It is so pretty, but a pain to drive in when you have to get to work. I'm pretty sure spring will arrive sooner or later. Hugs.

Our weather isn't quite that extreme, but it is cold and frosty here, with more snow coming later this week. Spring is only 26 days away, can't wait!

We are getting your wacky weather tomorrow! It was warm and sunny over the weekend now tomorrow more cold weather and snow!! YUCK!

Take pictures and roll those snow balls and get that man built! No snow at home here and the frost is out of the driveway!! That means the mud is gone for the spring, a month early. Yahoo! Love, Dad

We are getting snow down here in Round Rock too. Crazy weather!

WACKY FOR SURE!!! You all are having quite the crazy winter down there...I'm sure the animals are thinking "what is going on with Mother Nature??" !!
Have fun in the snow, keep your precious chickens warm! I hope it melts quickly for the animals' sake! :D

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