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Sweet! Would love to see pics of her on the dogs!

Oh that is too cute! I can picture her sitting on the dogs warming her toes!

I LOVE reading your stories about the chickens, and ALL of the animals!
I used to dream of being a farm gal, way back when..

Oh she's such a sweetie! We have a house chicken right now too, taking care of a clutch of 11 chicks. Rosebud is a silkie who has bouts of wry neck from time to time, which I treat with Vitamin E and selenium. She walks backwards when she gets it and I worry about her, so I had her in for treatment and then my eggs in the incubator hatched. I decided to show her the little chicks and she immediately adopted them all. She is a marvelous mom. Maybe I should keep her as an indoor chicken for all my incubated eggs!

She probably thought that was such a good-lookin' pullet that it was a shame to pick a fight with her. Do you giggle when she rides around on the dogs' backs? What a sight! Thanks for the smiles.

Oops looks like I couldn't spell there, I meant Cottonelle.

Oh my Anna Cottenelle is so cute...loved the pictures, especially the one with the neck feathers ruffed out. Hilarious. Thanks for sharing her story and pics.

Such cute pictures, loved the story, always fun to read your blog.

I am so glad you told us about Cottonelle! She is just adorable. I think the reflection "experiment" is awesome! It's so funny to think that an animal doesn't really know what they look like...and they have no idea they are seeing themselves...so fun!
I'm so glad you all rescued her from the goats! LOL It's good that she is safe and sound, and I love that she likes the dogs!!!
I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Hugs to you and Cottonelle!!! :D

What a sweet little story about the cute chick, Cottonelle...how cute that she just walked up to Alan and peeped!! She knew what she wanted, eh?? You'll be interested to know, which you probably already do - we have NO SNOW in Idaho!! What a rip-off!! Love, Jeanne, up north. xoxo

Hehe, fun story!

Cottonelle is beautiful, looks like a few of my girls. Love your Dad's comments, lol. I would love to see a pic of them resting on the dog's back, what good puppies!
Thanks for the farm update, it's a snowy day here in PA, eight inches so far.DH had to blow a path to the coop, but the chickens are staying in so far.

These pictures are just too cute! She is just looking at how cute she is!

She is adorable! I love the story about her. She looks so cute looking at herself in the mirror. You've got to take a picture of her warming her toes on the dogs :)

Gee, I needed a "chicken" fix! I love hearing about your cluckers and other farm life antics.

Great Story! You are Truely an animal lover. I also love all animals. What a wonderful thing you have done.

How funny! What a great story.

take your time before letting her mingle. she is such a beauty. as we used to say bright eyed and letting the world know who is in charge. How much fun you must be haveing with all your chicks.....MaryAnn

Cottonelle is adorable. Is she an Americana? We have a couple of Americanas, Betsy and Millicent. Cottonelle looks a lot like Betsy, the lighter one. Millicent is darker. And they do lay pretty green/blue eggs!

What do her new "goats" think of her sitting on them?! I like her taste in TV shows!

OH anna! you just crack me up! You and your chickens! That is just so hilarious. Your project runway chick....i think you two are hatchin up a fabulous outfit for cottenelle! ha ha

"In with the rest of the chickens by then" ya right. As if THAT will ever happen. You forgot the "special needs" birds like Ilean, and Loli the rabbit.Face it, you got another house pet. Only a bearded hen,get her a straw hat and she would look like a tiney Amish guy,with a red beard that clucks. Love, Dad..... Oh Hey! we got a "care package" that Rocks! food, cool threads and a glow in the dark Zippy with green frogs on it! Far out.

As the mom of a male cockatiel who LOVES/HATES his own reflection in the mirror, I loved this posting!! I'd LOVE to see pix of the chick grooming the dog. Your dogs must be SO calm around the chickens in general. My black lab is still so young and jumpy, I'm afraid he'd crush my cockatiel in his general enthusiasm at seeing the bird out of his cage. Not a happy image for me, but I'm loving the thought of Cottonelle & the dogs!! Thanks so much.

I just LOVE this post! I'm going to share it with my friends who already know I'm nuts! Your chickens just tickle me to death! I want chickens, too!!! Yea Anna!

Anna, SIGH...just got a notice that the message I sent Reply to pouch was delayed !
What is going on? Please do make one and let me know details when you are done. THANKS and HUGS...Carol Dee

Love love love it!!! We have been having many lively talks at work about chickens and raising them! I have been sharing my blog readings about your chickens and a few other blogs I read that raise them! So thanks for sharing them and all the wonderful crafting as well! Have a wonderful weekend! :)

lol. Cottonelle has found a place in my heart. Bless that little chick!

Being her "Grandhen" I won't allow you to let her out in with the "Ladies of the House". Her home is now the birdcage and her pets are the dogs. Daisy always needs someone to mother and Farley is happy to pass the attention to Cottonelle. She's a name brand not store brand girl.....Hello to everyone for me. MOM

Terrific story.

Charming! Thank you. My Alan and I sure enjoyed reading Cottonelle's story and seeing your incredible photos. Her neck feathers resemble a leprechaun's full beard. Just sayin'.

Sure she will end up in the chicken house with the girls! HA. By then she will be so much a part of the indoor scene you won't want to turn her out :o)
Poor Cottonelle looked a bit puzzled by her reflection. Funny.
Have a wonderful weekend, hugs...

What a fun story. I think everyone will miss her when she moves in with the rest of the hens. Happy weekend. XOX

love your farm stories... Being a city girl this is as close to chickens as I will ever get. Sounds like you and Alan have a great time on the farm. Thanks for sharing

ahhh...don't send her back to the madding crowds...she is a house chickie now :-) What if Allen all of a sudden sent you into the barn to live??? LOL besides...whose going to groom the pups?

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