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Just LOVE all your farm photos--gives new meaning to the phrase "just us chickens..."

Love your "chick pics"! My sis bought me the dog zippy for V's Day. I like it a lot! I have 2 Great Pyrenes; also worthless bark-a-lots. But I wouldn't trade them for any other huge dogs in the world! We do bring them in the house at night so our neighbors - 1/2 ml away - can sleep :o)

All the Gals have such a colourful personality, like someone else around here I know *wink*.

However, Miss Dot I think needs to start getting some much-needed wigs and coverings of some sort, like Tiny Tim's apparel. She looks like she's about ready to rip your head off for entering her bald-headed, funny-looking territory :0)

How are the Gal Goats?!?

I always enjoy looking at the pictures of the chickens and reading about their antics. What I want to know is how do you remember the names of them all?

I just love seeing all the beauiful pix of your animals! You should start doing it on a regular basis - assuming you can find the time!

Oh, Anna, I love these beautiful photos and your fun narrative to go along with them. The hens' feathers are just gorgeous, aren't they, lying in "shingled" layers along their necks and breasts? All of your animals and birds look so loved and well cared for. Thanks for the update!

Wow, love your chickens! They all look like they had been to the chicken salon...not a tail feather out of place! Poor, Dot, what a homely thing but we can't all be beauts right? Thanks for sharing your pics of the sweet ladies. The green grass looks wonderful too...I miss green grass!!!

I so enjoy seeing your flock! They are all beautiful and I giggle at their names.. Thank You for sharing them all :) T

oh my gosh, i soooo love all of your chicken photos. When I see that you've updated with chicken/farm happenings, I always read with a great big smile on my face. thanks for sharing your awesome farm life with all of us.

Oh that guinea hen is a sight! I burst out laughing at the face only a mother could love! LOL!

You are SO talented, you can even get chickens to POSE!! Did you notice all of those looking to your left?!?


Your c;hickens are so beautiful and you must have a lot of patience to get the perfect shot. I really enjoy seeing your barn yard buddies. Only chickens I see around here are in celophane at the grocery store. Thanks for sharing.

Never get tired of seeing the beautiful chicken pictures!

I love when you share chicken pictures. Dee is a cutie. Nice to see the goats too. Tell your Dad I will share chicken feathers with him. My Dad taught me how to tie flies when I was a kid, but I have no patience for fishing now.Hmm, maybe I should talk to the local Cabelas about their supplier, lol.
Our poor chickens are staying in today. we have almost 2 feet of snow , and more to fall through the night.

Dot isn't ugly - she's unique - giggle - poor little darling. LOVE it when you share pictures. Thanks so much

Thanks for the chicky update! They are all looking good and HAPPY. Ahhh life on Anna's farm! Lucky Arizona getting to live there with all of you. My sister has TWO Great Pyrenesse (sp?) they are such barkers. She would agree that they are worthless, but well LOVED and lovable.
Have a wonderful day, hugs...

That Arizona is gorgeous!

always love seeing your pictures of the farm animals, and these are great!

WOW!You should be raising these birds at my house. That way I could have wonderful eggs and fly tying feathers "on the hoof" these photos show some of the best shades for some killer wet fly paterns, and I would not have to buy expensive feathers anymore! Peacocks would be good too,How about it? Love, Dad....... and they just keep growing more all the time. Cool

Speaking of relations, I enjoyed that Dee was the first girl mentioned in the post! Such good looking chicks!

Oh Anna, you are SUCH a great photographer!!! Of course I already knew that, but your photos are AWESOME! The hens are all beautiful (well, not sure I could say that about the guinea LOL) and I loved seeing the pictures. You are SUCH a good Chicken Momma!!!
Thank you for the great review of the hens. I just love all your animals, and wish I had some hens of my own! Oh, and Arizona is SO pretty! (but I'm not a fan of night-time barking either!) :D

Cute pictures of the family!! :)

beautiful photos of the "girls" I just love the chicken/hen pics..and I learn something new everytime...
The pic of Arizona is too funny..we used to have a lab that was about worthless, but she was our baby,,and very loved..no matter how worthless she was.
I always get a kick out of seeing box car Betty and Callio-Pea..they're just cute!
thanks again Anna for the barnyard update..
you should have tour groups come to your farm..do you??

Arizona is beautiful!!! :0)

Really enjoyed visiting with the girls. My favorite one is the Black Copper one.

Each photograph is beautiful! It's like they knew it was portrait day. I absolutely love Dee ~ her feathers are gorgeous. And Dot, well I'd say it's a face only a mother could love! (Thank goodness no relation to me, LOL!)

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