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About 47 years ago when I was 4, I went with my Grandma to deliver eggs and was surprised when she pulled up to my other Grandma's house to drop off her order.

Now dats a LOOOOT of eggs. Ohhh I wish I was close enough to be one of your customers!

Aren't they fun. We have about 50 hens. I love them too. But, I want to know how you made your little notebook? Please Share.

I hope you have a LOT of customers, 'cause that's a ton of eggs! Wish I lived close enough to get some of those Jumbo eggs. My hubby makes some award winning (Blue Ribbon) brownies that use Jumbo eggs. Wanna trade??? Brownies for eggs??? teeheehee

Wowser that is a lot of eggs! They sure look cool though with all those fun colors.

Thank you for sharing the photo of all those beautiful eggs, I can see why it feels like Easter on the farm. I truly enjoy all your farm photos and stories. I'm a SoCal city girl but love the thought of living in the country. Thanks for sharing.

I love collecting eggs from my girls at the barn. I love the different colored eggs. And guess what, my duck has started laying green eggs. I had no idea ducks could do that! So tickled!

How delightful! And where are you putting your food?! You need another fridge or two. :) Love all the colors and sizes.

I'm SO glad you shared this photo with us!!! I love the eggs! They are so pretty and varied -

I recently spent a couple of hours thinking about whether I could put up a small coop with a run in my suburban neighborhood . . . I'm not convinced I can get away with it yet - but I'm toying with the idea of 2 bantam size hens. Would it be awful to have just two? Will they compete and drive each other crazy? I don't want to crowd the small space . . .

Anyway - thank you for the images. With any luck I'll come to my senses before any chicks are consigned to my care. LOL


I live on a farm in Texas,too. I have a crazy cat but not that crazy. We got our share of that snow. I love your blog because I can identify. I do not have chickens that lay eggs, but my kitchen is full of the non laying kind. You always give me a smile, so keep up the good work.

Uhhh, is there anything but eggs in there? IF the girls keep laying like that you may have to invest in another fridge! Have a wonderful week. Hugs...

Now thats a LOT OF EGGS! Tomorrow your fridge is going to look quite empty. I really like your clear egg boxes, have to look for those. I have 5 dozen eggs sitting in mine waiting to go to good homes..

Beautiful! You need a larger frig. :) Tamara

I had to giggle because you also have egg substitute! That's funny. I love fresh eggs. My son's principle has given us half-dozen packs of eggs a few times. It's fun to see the different sizes and shell colors.

What good girls you have! Just laying eggs right and left!!! That is amazing...how fun it would be to gather all those beauties...
Your customers are going to be OH SO PLEASED!!! :D

WOW! That is ALOT of eggs! I miss my chickens when I see all these eggs. (sigh)

I've got my first coop and am waiting for the snow to melt (it's still about 18" deep) so I can get it ready for the new chicks to come and make it home. Now that I've seen this picture it makes me even more anxious!

What a beautiful array of eggs!! Never thought I would use beautiful in connection to eggs (unless egg art), but there you have it. tfs

I usually say "holy cow!" but I have to say Holy Chicken!! today! That's a ton of eggs. I love eggs :) .

I was in the grocery store and thought of you today, Anna. . . I saw this new magazine:


So, if someone you know needs a meal delivered, you make a quiche? If I were you, I would have frozen quiches and egg casseroles out my wazoo in the freezer, just waiting for delivery to a friend who needs a pick me up.

Holy Chicken Batman! That's a lot of eggs. I can feel my cholesterol levels rising after studying your fridge photo. The eggs are beautiful. I adore the way you carefully formed each dozen to show off a rainbow of colors. You're a true artist.

You have an egg-ceptional fridge! Now, I just have to know: is that a yellow carton of egg substitute on the top shelf? Just in case you run out of the real thing???

LOL... Wow.... Ahem, what do you and Alan eat besides eggs??? With a fridge like this, you need to start a cooking blog!!! ;)
Hey will you ship to Canada???? ;)

I love your blog and your pictures you share...you bring farm life right into my house.... thank you so much for sharing your life with me...

Ohhhhhhh I love all your pictures - wish we could have chickens! Even a bigger wish would be to live close enough to order some of those beautiful eggs from you. Thanks for sharing pictures at least.

DUDE! I'm thinking I need my Epi-Pen just looking at all those eggs!! ACK!


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