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I get excited when i get 5 eggs in one day from my 5 girls. If you ever need a volunteer to come help you collect eggs picke me!!! (i am also not above cleaning chicken poo, feeding or watering either)

WAIT...since when did you have FIVE ducks??? You been keeping something from us Anna? You have only shared three with us...next thing you now you will be digging a pond out back for them...

Bradley says: "That's a lot of omlette's."

When did you end up with 105 hens??? LOL
Hello my name is Anna and I am addicted to hens...
Do you have that many customers or do you just love to bake ??? LOL FUN!

Very fun! This will be really interesting, and just plain fun! You think of everything! :D

Love it! I've always thoroughly enjoyed your blog and now even moreso! Happy hens and happy readers! :)

Busy, busy chickens! I loved the vieo! Wiley looks like one PROUD Rooster (hehe) My DH loves the brown eggs. He would be in hog heaven raiding your fridge :o) hugs...

Be happy to take a few hundred of those off your hands - giggle!

OMG, ANNA!!! What are you going to do with all those eggs? I hope you have lots of customers who eat lots of eggs. Those daily numbers are staggering. Obviously you have lots of happy hens!

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