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What a beautiful picture! The farm is gorgeous, covered in a white blanket! What a memorable event. You should enlarge one of your photos, and put it on the wall! I don't think you all get that much snow very often!!!
Hope your chicken netting holds up. I don't want you to have to replace it! UGH..it's always something....bleah.
Have a great weekend! Stay warm! :D

Isn't that something - snow in Texas. Dogs are the greatest - mine loves the snow as well. Your pics of your two are just terrific. Stay warm - hot chocolate is good for snow days. Hugs.

I just came from the P.O. the zippy is here. I love it, THANKS

Wow! Looks like you're close to rain/ice and snow! Time to break out the electric blanket.

How Cold? We got up to -3 this morning. I HATE Winter! Stay toasty warm. hugs...

Whoops, I forgot, we have no snow here in the valley! We are surrounded by ski areas here in Newport Wa. Snow in Dallas, who woulda thunk it? Love, Dad

It's nice and toasty here, You're still in the green zone of the Texan version of the "Bermuda Triangle" The frost is out of the driveway,a month early! what's not to love? Just dont put out those spring flowers! Think "killing frost". I'm thinkin Banana's in Washington state, Gnarly!

does Tiny Tim have a new coat this year?

You should stay inside where it's warm, too, and do crafty stuff ALL day!

BTW, I so enjoy seeing pics of all your furry/feathery friends. I adore any and all animals and just get such a big kick out of chickens for some reason. Thank you for sharing your farm life with us. I grew up in the country and sometimes really miss the open spaces and smells (well, not the cow poo, but you know what I mean....). ;-)

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