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My guess is 56. Have a great day!

Beautiful eggs! I am going with 84 eggs.

I'm going to say 76 eggs.

My guess is 58! Those eggs look so pretty in that bowl with all the different shell colors!

I'll go with 64 lovely eggs....wish they were in my refrig.

I'm going with 77! Such pretty eggs!

I'm going with 108 because I know some of those eggs are tiny after seeing some in an earlier post. What a fun contest and a great prize!

4-1/2 dozen...54...that's my guess...yup!

I am gathering that there are 68 eggs!

What a beautiful bowl of eggs, love the colors! I was going to say 55 but it's guessed already, so I will choose 58!

I'll guess 59.

My guess is 75 eggs.

Wow lots of eggs for sure. My guess is 51.
Love the notebook too.

39 eggs

My guess is 42 yummilicious, beautiful eggs!

52 pretty eggs!

56 eggs

My guess? 63. What a pretty bowl full of presents!

My guess is 47 beautiful egss!


I'm going with 61 beautiful bountiful eggs!

hmmmm.....54! :0)

48 - they are beautiful, Anna!

My guess is 43 eggs.
Love all the different colours!!

Karen x

my guess is 49! They look amazing; how they tasting???

I'm guessing 45...I just wanted to tell you that I love your site. I bought frizzles after seeing yours.. I had no idea such a thing existed. We have big chickens in one coop, silkies and such in another, and my DD's seramas in a coop of their own. How many do you have? We are having a time with ours now. In our big coop with our egg layers we have ended up w/ a ton of roosters. We had a mama set and guess what ROOSTERS! They are big now and well lets just say poor hens. I am fixing to get rid of them this weekend. That was long, but I just wanted you to know I love your site.

I was going to say 56 but will slide to 57

I'm confident 63 is correct. SNORT!

53. :O)

That is a great picture. Love all the variety. I'm guessing there are 44 eggs in that bowl.

My guess is 55 eggs.

I just love this picture of the bowl of eggs ... my guess is 41. Thanks for the fun contest. :o)

I am going with 106

I guess 49!

I'm fighting my OCD that forces me to stick with even numbers and guessing 53! :)

My guess is 113

61 beautiful, fresh eggs, I think! GREAT picture!

How about 112?

They are just beautiful!

Today is my 55th birthday so I'm guessing 55! That bowlful sure makes me hungry for eggs, fried or scrambled - YUM!

Oh my goodness that is a beautiful sight!! I so miss my chickens and the fabulous fresh eggs! Lovely! Maybe 52?

My guess is 57.

My guess is 53 eggs.

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