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Wallet is an important thing especially when you are out of the house. A wallet is very handy keeper of personal items such as pictures, cards, coins, and most especially paper money. This Quitted Chicken Wallet is looking beautiful.

I in my home mainly in the kitchen I have decorated with lots of chickens and also I can not imagine having a wallet, I would love to have a great idea I think.

Hi, I really would love to make a wallet like this, but I have absolutely no idea how much fabric to buy...PLEASE HELP!! I looked at the measurements, but I haven't been sewing for very long and I would very much appreciate a comprehensive suggestion. Thank you so much :)
(By the way, your creation is very beautiful)

I love this wallet. I've seen that tutorial but it was a bit confusing to me. I make simpler wallets but really would like to attempt this one. Thanks for the inspiration!


oh WOW! love it!!! Love the chicken fabrics!

Aww, that is adorable! Makes me smile!

omg - that is the CUTEST thing i have ever seen! love, love, LOVE the chicken fabric. you should make a few more & put them in your etsy store. i would definitely buy one!!!

Hello Anna, I love the Chicken wallet you have made and I love the pattern on it.

oh my gosh that is adorable! :)

OK, so now I had to go to Etsy and find a fabric wallet for ME! LOL I got one made with Laurel Burch's cat fabric...I just love the bright colors she uses!
I hope you have a GREAT week...:D

Very cute Anna!!

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!!

COOL wallet! And isn't your Mum a real sweetie ... funny how she saw that fabric and thought of you!

Oh my goodness, Anna ... you are a woman of many talents. I love love love this wallet!

Did you quilt on the fabric, or did it come pre-quilted? That is just adorable, and what a great job you did on the inside with the pockets for cards! These would make wonderful presents for your female loved ones.

Oh my goodness what a cute wallet. The "chicken" fabric is just perfect for you.
Happy New Year!

So cute!

Very nice, It's already to quiet here, I cant figure out my diet and mom has gone to "Bens" for something she needs more of, probably fabric. This would be a great kit project. The velcro idea would make the button more of an accent and add more security. No chaperone, time for E-bay!
Love, Dad

Hi Anna!

Let us know when you start selling them! I think I "need" one!

That is TOO CUTE for words!!! And it looks PERFECT for you!
This post made me remember some quilted wallets that I have bought in the past at craft fairs...I wish I knew where they were! I'm sure I have stashed them away in a purse somewhere...
Your wallet is just awesome. It looks like you did a perfect job on making it! Of course I would expect nothing less from you...my thought is that you can do ANYTHING!!!
Have a great weekend! :D

Very nice wallet, love the fabric. My Mom made me a purse recently with chicken fabric. BTW, she uses velcro on her wallets.Hope your Christmas holiday was wonderful, missed you on the blog, and heres to a fantastic new year!

OMG you are Soooo Talented. Love that wallet. The fabric was perfect! Have a great weekend, hugs...

Oh Anna, this wallet is adorable and I agree it is so you. I may make something similar for the "egg-lady", a wonderful woman who lives down the road from me who has 0+ chickens and fabulous fresh eggs :)
Thanks, Lucille K :)

Just too darn cute! I love to make my own purses, so I'll have to stitch up a coordinating wallet the next time. Thanks for sharing the tutorial link.

That's darling! Love the fabric...can your mom adopt me?


LOVE your wallet - it's just SO YOU!! (I know a couple of other people who would love the chick fabric as well!!!) Thanks for the smile!


That is adorable! and the chicken fabric is totally you...bright and cheery - love the colors. Thanks for sharing, what a great project!

Ohh my goodness, this is CUTE! What great gifts they would make too. You could personalize them for everyone by choosing fabric that matches their personalities, hobbies, etc. Ohh, now to find some cute fabric with alpacas to make one for my mom would be ideal!! :)

Very cute Anna...you always come up w/such great crafts...
happy new year to you & Allan and all the farm babies...

This is super! Before I read the post I thought someone bought this for you! Fantastic work!

Another AWESOME project by Anna ... WOW!!

I second the motion on Robbi's oh so poignant question (and comment). Etsy, here I come. Now get crackin, Anna!

That is seriously adorable! Was it hard to make? Where did you get the pattern? I need a new wallet too!

Just love that fabric! Well done!

OHHHHHH my Goodness, how adorable are these new Quilted Chicken Wallets Anna?? I'm so beyond jealous of your MaNy talents...to outline just a few~~~~~~ Hmmmm..... let's see, ohh ya ~~ you live on a farm with some cutie-pie animals ~~ you can sew a straight line ~~ you take professional quality photos with your camera, and should I go into how you can draw, design, paint and have your own line of rubber? Yes my eyes are a vibrant shade of green right about now ! ! LOL

But these *Cluck*Cluck* wallets are so darn cute and I'm sure are an "Anna Wight Original" :)

So my ALL important question Anna: Are you going to make any to post on EBay or Etsey? Please say YES!!!

All My Clucks,
Robbi xoxo

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