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What a great sense of humor...much like Anna! And thanks for the swimming with the chickens story, bet she loved that you told us all that, lol!

Shhhhhhhhh...Anna's gone, so wrap yourself up in that quilt and ENJOY!
(Anna will NEVER know, right?!??!!)


Thanks for the update Alan! You make a great backup blogger. Maybe you'd like to takeover my blog for awhile. :) Happy Farming!

I agree with those that want you to use that quilt. I make quilts for family and friends, not as beautiful as the one you have. Last fall, my 7 yr old grandson called me and said "Grandma the quilt you made me is to small now, my feet stick out could you make me a bigger one." That was the best compliment I could've gotten. Enjoy your quilt. Mari

Hi Alan: Your wife thinks she's out celeb hunting, well a few of my girlfriends and I were so excited when we got to meet Anna!!! I just love reading her stories about life on the farm and do love her chickens!!! You are such a dear to post on her blog. I loved the picture of the quilt, being an ex-quilter myself I understand there needs to be some rules as far as the pets go, enjoy your quilt, snuggle up with Anna when she returns. I can't wait to see her posts when she returns. Thanks for the update!

Alan, love your quilt, it is beautiful. My mother and I have made many, (she a lot-,me a few). Don't keep it stored in plastic, it will mildew and ruin. Have a good day.

It's so good to hear from you! LOVE the quilt and I can understand the rules for something that wonderful. Thanks for sharing

Amazing!! The quilt is beautiful, what a blessing from some blessed hands. Mrs. Wright did a beautiful job. It is made of blocks or squares and light colors are on one side and dark on the other. Your quilt has five blocks across and seven block up and down. A million different patterns can be made with these blocks.

I always associate Anna with chickens, she has taught me a great deal about them. I didn't know there were so many different types until she put them on her blog. Thanks for a wonderful education Anna! TFS Alan.

I LOVE that quilt! Tell Mrs.Wright that she did an amazing job.

Alan, it is indeed a log cabin quilt; the inside square does indeed represent the hearth of the home; the light fabrics represent life's good times, the darker represent life's hard times. It's an essential quilt for any home!

I'm torn. On one hand it's a precious gift from a loved one and on the other hand it's just sitting there by it's lonely self. One thing for sure...no doggies, cats or chickens on this one. It's gorgeous.

Oh what a wonderful post! The quilt is just divine (but I agree it should be used).
Wow I did not know chickens could swim.
Thanks for sharing that & yes, you should have your own blog (I'd read it).

Hello Alan! Nice to see that you "took" the blog hostage while Anna was gone! I can picture you handing the chickens over for their swim and I have to tell you that makes me laugh! I have to agree with Anna - that quilt should not be used by man (sorry) or beast - it's a beauty!

Thanks for keeping us informed. Thats a beautiful quilt. Your a lucky guy.

I agree with the majority--get that quilt out and USE it! I'm a quilter and used to think that they should only be looked at. After all, I'd spent hours/days/months making the things and everyone else should just admire them from afar. My adult children, who are mostly the recipients of my gifts, taught me otherwise. They use them and asked me for laundering instructions. Then it dawned on me, no one was going to display these things in the Smithsonian so why not enjoy them? Oh, and it's not good for quilts to keep them folded in a plastic prison anyway. It can harm the fibers. I roll mine on pool noodles and cover them with an old sheet for storage. Can't wait for Anna to get back to see what she's been up to.

Thanks Alan! You are awesome for updating us feaky fans! Lovely quilt and I agree that you should be sleeping under your own quilt! But what a beauty it is!
I also second that a picture of Anna swimming with her chickens would be a worthy blog pic- I have learned so much about chickens since finding Anna, and I can now add "swimming" to the list of things they don't teach city slickers about chickens...

Alan, it is so nice to hear from you!
now I am going to be in the minority here, but I think that the critters should definitely be a part of the quilt cuddle!! :) our 2 labs sleep on the bed with hubby and I at MY urging (read - demand. grins!) and I wouldn't have it any other way. the cat creeps in when she can.... but she is usually tucked away on one of my sons' pillows.... nothing like having a furry critter to cuddle with you and your honey on those cold nights..... giggles!

but anyhow, the quilt is truly beautiful, and I am so glad you shared. hope to hear from you again soon!

About the quilts, Lori has made well over 100 different quilted projects over the years all signed and dated,Yup,and in her log book. Those fortunate enough to get one are lucky, they have gone to grads,retirements and a few Babies. The rest are here at home in the blanket cupboard under glass. Some were made on hand crank machines and some by hand period. No, she has never had a show and I have no reasonable answer to that. I just live here and watch the small staff of elves work their fingers off. Alans quilt was tested by the staff and critiqued by a couple of picky ladies that were here for the Christmas holidays.( it passed the test) If she hears of any abuse she repo's them. I kid you not the kids ae out of the house and the quilts are still here! Love, Dad

Anna & I are having a wonderful time together. Thank you for loaning her to me! We think that your "written word" should be transferred into your OWN blog. Think of the following that you would have - you stud muffin you!
Wish I could keep her longer but reality awaits her at home.

That quilt is a beauty and you must be very well loved for Anna's Mom to make it for you. Thanks for the post and it's nice to know all is well on the farm.

Hey -Alan ~ You are one brave man posting on the beloved *chicken Moma's* blog :) [That is how I always refer to Anna]

I loved your comment about "breaking Mrs. Wight's quilt out of plastic prison"...LOL...that is too funny! But what a true work of art; now I know where Anna gets her incredible creative talents.

Would love to be a fly on the wall to view Anna's expression when she reads your post :O) The two of you are just too cute!

Alan, thanks for giving us our "Anna fix" while she is at CHA. I can just see you handing her chickens in the pool this summer. And I'll bet you're onto something there with how the swimsuit-clad chicken came into being. Your lives are rife with inspiration for her pen!

Now, about that quilt, you did say Mrs. Wight gave it to YOU for Christmas, didn't you? I am in total agreement with Anna that neither the cat nor the dog should be allowed to lie on it. And you should not be allowed to lie ON it either. Now UNDER it is a whole different matter. That I recommend . . . and hurry before the crafty, talented girl returns!

By the way, the quilt is stunning . . . a real work of art! I LOVE the quilting that shows in the close-up. Those Wights are a talented bunch, eh?

Good luck with all the animals and keeping the home fires burning. And thanks for posting! You're awesome!

OK, here's the plan: You're going to take the quilt down, shush the pets out of the bedroom, and you're going to SLEEP under it!!! Then take a tape roller, and get all the lint/fur/etc. off it so that it looks perfect. Then place it back exactly where it was. There, she'll never know you used it! And you will have enjoyed a night with your beautiful gift! :D
I'm glad all is well on the farm. I'm sure you will be glad to have Anna back to help, though! After all, the critters ARE missing their hugs! A pat on the head just doesn't cut it! haha
I absolutely LOVE my wallet Anna made, and the zippy to match. They are INCREDIBLE!!! I want to display them in my stamping room, like she has done your quilt! LOL (but I do intend to use them, after I've looked at them for many days) :D
Give Anna a big hug for me, and tell her she's the best accessory maker EVER! She is SO multi-talented, and you must be something special to have stolen her heart!
Have a great week...I hope you get her back soon!

I want to see a picture of you wearing that quilt like a royal cape. It's a beauty and if it's YOUR quilt, why does Anna get to make the rules? If she can make wallets to be USED, why can't you use your quilt if you want? It's all beautiful fabric lovingly stitched to a useful item. I am in total agreement about the critters, though. At present I don't believe you are in the "critter" catagory, but if Anna believes otherwise, she should state your shedding/clawing habits so that her fans don't think she's being a bit of a meany about YOUR Christmas present / quilt. Best of luck with managing the farm without Anna and if you wanna be real popular with Anna's fans, post a picture of her swimming with chickens. That would be darn near priceless.

Alan -you are awesome! ;)

Hey Alan...I thought maybe she was going to tell you the quilt was only for the chickens..lol...it sure is beautiful and you're lucky to have it..haul that baby out and enjoy it..
thanks for keeping us updated...

Hi, Alan, thank you for taking the time to let us know how it's all going. The quilt is divine, and also washable, just in case the temptation is too great. As for the chickens, how about a little video clip this summer? I really enjoy hearing about life on the farm, and you are both so generous about giving us these little peeks.

Hi to Anna, too!

I loved your post!
I agree with Heather, quilts are made to be used. I am sure Mama Wight would like it to be used and not stored.
We see where Anna got her sewing talent.
And I will be watching for a swimming chicken post come hot weather , LOL.

Alan - it's good to see that Anna's blog (and her chickens) are in such good hands while she's away... ok, go ahead, take a nap on that quilt - we won't tell anyone ;)

Thank you for the wonderful post! Anna is one lucky woman - but I do believe she knows that!

You might not be able to stamp or quilt, but you sure can write a blog post! I understand Anna's quilt rules...my husband's sister makes quilts and even though they are from his OWN sister, I am the quilt rule-maker of the house. He can only take it out of the gift bag when I say that the general area within a ten mile vicinity is prepared (clean enough) for the quilt's arrival! Great post, post again soon!

Beautiful quilt -- tell Anna they're meant to be used! ;-)

Thanks for showing the pics of the quilt. It is beautiful, but I think you need to persuade Anna, that it should be used. Keep the animals off the bed, and use it. wash if necessary, but too much work went into that to keep it "for nice". Why don't you put it on the bed and use it just for the next few days...I won't tell. I never thought to invite the chickens into the pool with me, hmmm DH would not like cleaning the filter after that.. better not.
Enjoy your quiet days and keep us updated on the farm.

Hi Alan: Your post was wonderful! Thank you so much for posting pictures of your beautiful quilt! I am just teaching myself to quilt, having made one lap quilt and one baby quilt, so I especially appreciate Mrs. Wright's talent! I'll bet she would want you to enjoy USING the quilt, so I think you should lobby Anna to lighten up on the rules!

Gorgeously awesome quilt, Mrs. Wight! I can see why certain species are excluded from lying on it. Maybe if you brushed yourself beforehand, Alan, Anna would let you. I can see blogging for Anna is a laugh a minute. Thx for posting. Try coloring a stamped chicken, tho. We're addicted to that water-colory stuff--yum.

Great post Alan.....nice to hear a bit from you about life around the farm!! Yes, we ladies tend to be huggers when it comes to our animals, we just can't help ourselves. But it is ok to be a head patter too....serves the same purpose, just a different delivery system haha! The quilt is beautiful, so much work, or should i say "Love" go into them! Glad to hear all is well at the farm, but you have let the cat out of the bag......we MUST see Anna and the chickens in the pool.....and we won't forget!!! Thanks for the post! Just love it!

It is SO VERY lovely to hear from you by post! I hope everything goes well while Anna has flown the coop! tee hee! I am a little worried for you though......... Anna never spilled the beans about swimming with the chickens this summer. She might be a tad upset with you that you have. Because now we are all going to be wanting to see photos of Anna and her swimming chickens. She won't be thanking you for that! *giggle*
I love the quilt! How special are you to receive that beautiful quilt. My only advice would be to break it out and use it! Just keep an eye on the muddy paws and stomache issues. :-) My boss made me a beautiful throw and I tried to keep the kitty cats off of it to no avail! So, I use it, the kitties enjoy it, and when it gets dirty, I wash it!
Have a great day! Pats to all the animals!

Great post Alan...maybe you could sneak a snuggle in that gorgeous quilt while you are on your own...it looks so nice and cozy!

What a great post Alan. In fact I was just thinking last night that I'd forgotten to check in with you and see how things were going and that I ought to shoot you an email soon, and well, here you were, beating me to the punch. Yes, Mrs. Wight's log cabin quilt is superb - no doubt about that. She's a wizard when it comes to fabrics, sewing, and quilting. That was quite an interesting tidbit you've shared regarding Anna swimming with her favorite chickens. I hope you can take a photo of some of the swimming chickens later this summer. That would be a sight to see. Well hang in there and I hope you and your farm friends are staying dry.

Great Post! Love the quilt, are you going to be in trouble for taking it out? LOL!

You did a beautiful job posting on Anna's behalf!!! You two are lucky and blessed to have each other! What a beautiful quilt!!! That's one talented family. I'm sure animals will get lots of hugs when Anna gets back. They'll be ok until then. :o)

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

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