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Love the wallet - I learned a lesson too...this project is way too advanced for me but both your sewing projects are adorable...I looked up the directions for the first wallet but I'm not skilled in the sewing area so I'll just admire yours from afar! So cute!!!

Hi Anna! Received my wallet today, folks it is cuter in person than in pics! Anna, your workmanship is flawless, are you certain you didn't make another? I love it--thanks again. Looking forward to restocking my boxes. Love, MOM

Pretty wallet with a beautiful intent for your mom! Thanks a bunch for sharing your lessons with us. I can see myself "learning" the same..especially lesson 9 (sewing the button)! I rarely sew but I was inspired by your chicken wallet so I'm giving it a try. It's so cute!
Have a wonderful New Year!

It may have been time consuming and it may have taught you some sewing lessons, but I think it is perfect just the way it is. I think your quilting is wonderful. Great job.

You are funny....but thanks for saving me from those mistakes....let's hope I remember them and also my projects should come out so good...here's wishing

Lesson 13 - A good attitude goes a long way ...!

Anna, this is a sweet project, even with the little bumps along the way! I'm sure she'll love it!

Oh that did make me laugh, and make me feel better too! Those things always happen to me and I never seem to learn. Your project looks great and it's lovely to see your Mom and Dad's comments.

You poor girl. Sounds like you've had one of those days! Darling project.

Oh Anna, I thoroughly enjoyed this litany of lessons learned! As they say, misery loves company. :) But you are ever so much more patient than I! That's why I don't sew much. I adore your free-hand quilting, the fabrics you chose, the rickrack, everything! Thanks for the smiles.

Oh my this made me laugh! It sounds exactly like one of my adventures in sewing. I'm just learning to sew and it's nice to know that others, even someone as experienced as you, do things that don't always go as planned. :)

Oh Anna! Thank you SO much for this post! I can totally relate to your experience - but I don't think I could be as "Kewl" as you are about it! You deserve an A+ for attitude!

Really adorable project!

When you called me last nite to tell me what had happened...I was ready to get a train ticket to Texas...But you fixed & finished my wallet and it looks BEAUTIFUL! Excellent job my dear! A big hug and thank you!!! Next lesson: buy nothing less than l yard of fabric 2 1/2 is better, 10 yards of trims, 5 spools of thread for each color you might need in the next 3 months, any and all colors of buttons,snaps, sequins, beads, etc. Now hurry up and send it to me...I need to go shopping with my categorized cards! Love, MOM

I can totally sympathize! My sewing machine has the "easy" thread feature and I'm no stranger to sewing or threading, but somehow I forgot how to thread it...that caused the tension to be so bad I couldn't use it. I tried everything, couldn't afford to bring the machine to a repair place, stopped sewing for over a year, then finally brought it in. When the repair lady was threading it, I immediatley saw for myself that I'd been doing it wrong and sure enough the problem was solved - no cost. You're never too old to learn!

I sure hope this post was not supposed to be a surprise! She is looking over my shoulder!!OOPS.................. Love, Dad

Oh my Anna that was a brave undertaking for sure. I give you great Kudos for giving this a try and succeeding in creating something that is cute inspite of all those "lessons" learned. Me and sewing - NOT SO MUCH so I admire you for your ability.

OMG!! This sounds just like something I would do.....made me laugh all afternoon! Thanks for sharing!

Oh, Anna, you have me in stitches!!!! Every day, I thank God no one taught me to sew or iron or I might be tempted to do projects as well! I have enough trouble with paper! A self-regulating iron? Who knew? :)

And this would be exactly why I gave up on quilting. Too many lessons, not enough patience. I love your case, though, and the chicken wallet. And the lessons!!

Such a labor of love!! I'm not sure what you mom will appreciate more...the actual gift...or the fact that it was a learning experience for you?!
I hope you had a lovely Holiday. I'm trying to get back into the swing of things myself!! Miss you on the HH team!!

Absolutely adorable! Love the narrative! Reminds me of the day before Halloween last year at my house! DD changed her idea about who to be for trick-or-treating and all I had to sew on was my Janome mini!

OMGoodness, who knew so many challenges could creep up on a precious project??!! Your end result is out of this world CUTE!!! Your Mom is going to love it. Wow, how cool it would be to have a daughter like YOU! (or even a daughter at all!ha) What a blessing you are to your Mom and Dad and Aunts! I'm so envious of them! hehe
LOVE LOVE LOVE what you made for your Mom...you are 100% awesome! Have a great week! :D

Wow, that was a lot of lessons learned the hard way, hehe. Thanks for sharing and I am sure your Mom will love all the effort you put into her wallet. I am with you on the auto-shut off deal. I am a fanatic about being sure the iron is off so I don't appreciate it turning itself off when I am in the middle of a project.

Sounds like so many of my sewing experiences. I seem to have a great idea, but it takes forever to implement and then doesn't come out the way it looked in my head. Drats! But I keep trying, and I guess that's what counts. And for the life of me, I've never figured out why you can't cross a line of stitching when free motion quilting. I guess the quilt police will come and arrest us! I think next time I'll just throw caution to the wind and quilt away--crossing all the lines I want to. The wallet looks fabulous anyway. I'm sure your mom will love it.

All I have to say is: Vera Bradley, move over!

It's been a while since I LOL online. Have you thought about a future as a stand-up commedienne????? Just think---your next attempt will have far fewer lessons to learn! After your Mom ooooohs and aaaahs over her lovely new wallet, you should have her read this piece. She will know how much love went into it! Lovely!

That sounds like a typical rendition of my sewing escapades:D Your wallet turned out adorable:)

Elizabeth & I were talking over the holidays how we would like to do something like this to hold her make-up brushes! Always something creative to make!

You have alot of patience Anna...:) Thank you for the lessons on what and what not to do on your little sewing project. Now what fun would it be if it sooooo easily went together.

LOL...sorry, I am laughing with you, not at you, Right! This is a typical day for me when I attempt a *simple* project. Just think how EASY the next one will be :o) hugs...

Thanks for the lessons Anna - although everytime I do a project it's never as simple and easy as I originally imagine. Oh well, the joys of crafting!

LOL...sounds like a day in MY craft room! Were there bad words uttered under your breath with threats to throw your sewing machine across the room....??Always a good stress reliever! But all in all Anna...your project is to cute!! good work!!

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