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I hope you are making more of these right now! I MUST have a Penny Potholder!!!! I try to not "theme" the rooms in my house, but there are some serious roosters going on in my kitchen and I just have to have Penny in there keeping them all in line! Come to think of it, there's a cat, a few rabbits, a pig, and several frogs in there too...maybe my kitchen does have a theme, it's the barn yard!!!

OMG!! This is awesome!!


I just wanted to tell you that I posted photos of the precious bag you made and your fabulous packaging on my blog! I linked people back to you - I hope that's ok?!


Oh I can't believe I missed out on this it is just too cute. I love and collect funky chickens/roosters for my kitchen. Please make more.

Anna, she is adorable!!! I went to pick her up and she was gone!!! I need her for my kitchen which is all done in chickens and an "Anna Original" would be the best addition!!! I love all of you stitching creations, but they were ALL gone. You rock lady!!!

How adorable! I am going to try my hand at one of these but I was wondering how you got the curvy lines across the chick, it looks like ruffles. Love It!!!!

Very, very cute!!!

darn I went this morning to purchase this adorable creation to add to my collection of country kitchen decor to find someone bought her already..darn..will you make another? I want one..LOL

Oh, so cute!! Perfect paterns, colors and I love her sweet face :)

Too Darn cute. You could sell tons of these. Get busy !!!! LOL, hugs...

Perfect! Love her!!

Adorable! She would fit right into my Kitchen decor!

Make a million more so we can all buy one !!!! Love it :-)

too cute! Love your Henny Penny!

amazing! MAKE MORE!!!! cackle, cackle! (how about in funky green to match my kitchen?)

AAACK! She's GONE!!!! :(

Lucky Night Owls!!!! LOL

LOVE IT!!!!!

For heaven's sake! I really need to learn to check your blog before hitting the hay even if it's the ONLY one I check when I'm dead tired and ready for bed. Little Miss Henny Penny is precious. She sure makes me smile. I'll keep checking your Etsy shop. {{{hugs}}}

Anna, this chicken is adorable. Unfortunately only the night owls had a chance at her, now you have to make more I guess. I love your comment about not using in the microwave, lol

now get stitchin!

Your Mom is right! I tried, too! Just LOVE this pot holder - actually, I love everything you do! I received my little zippered bag - thank you so much, it's absolutely perfect!!!

She is adorable! I love it that you made her eyes "crooked" with Xs in the buttons. And I love the feather pattern that you quilted into her breast. And such cute fabrics. She's far too cute to use as a potholder . . . maybe just as a decorative potholder.

So stinkin' adorable!!! I love chickens! xoxo Jeanne in foggy Idaho

My mouth dropped open when I saw THIS! It is so cute!

So cute, so cute, so cute! And you are the most amazing person ever - what talent! Please make loads of stuff for your Etsy store - I want to try and get something! LOL, they go fast!

What a cutie! I am bummed that I was too late to get her. I hope you make some more, I would love to get one!

Anna, wherever did you get that idea? She turned out so ever cute!!!!I hope you made more than one---or there will be a lot of cackling tomorrow when this is seen. Love,MOM

Oh so sweet! She's fantastic!

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