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Oh man, I hate that! What might be worse is that my 8 month old puppy likes to eat her poop...yeah, nice. Especially if it's frozen, and unfortunately when we had 16 inches of snow I was not walking her and let her use the backyard for a while giving her easy access to her waste. Oh, I think I am gonna gag...gotta go!

Sorry to hear about that, Anna. I wish our dog, Izzie, would leave the hairball/vomitus from our cats for me to clean up LOL!! She has a tendency to view it as a snack - Eeeewwwww!!!

Ohhh, I hope by now he is all better. Maybe let him rest his head on that darling chicken pot holder?

So cute! Love the eyeballs!

Feel better Farley! I give my liitle furball pureed pukin when her tummy is upset... Seems to work well!

Oh, poor baby...I hope he feels better REALLY soon (for your sake as well as his!) It's so awful when our babies are sick... :(

From Cubby - I had a bad day like that too. My mom was worried about me, but the next day I was fine. I hope you are fine too, Mister Farley. Sending my best wishes, Cubby the Cat.

I won't believe a word of it until you post PICTURES! Yes, I'm sadistic that way. I do hope Mr. Farley is on the mend soon.

I hope it wasn't certain cookies he was tossing? Give him a big hug for us.

Oh boy, DOGS!!! I keep telling my husband they need to learn to clean up after themselves, toys, doo-doo and tossed cookies. LOL Sorry to hear he is not feeling well, hope it was just a minor upset and he is well already.

Sorry to hear Mr. Farley isn't feeling well,The poor dogs don't think about this when they are scarfing down any thing they can find that smells appealing.

I'm sorry Mr. Farley isn't feeling well. But I do have to say, I'm so glad you didn't post PICTURES this time!! Give him a little kiss on his furry forehead and tell him to feel better. Probably ate a rotten egg, ya think?! Love from Idaho, Jeanne

Oh dear! There is so much that one can eat that one shouldn't!! Poor Mister Farley.

By the way - thank you SO much for the wonderful zippered bag - I'm so excited and have been telling all my friends about it and about Tiny Tim (one of the first posts of yours that I saw!)

Oooh, dog barf. Been there done that with our new puppy a few weeks ago. I think it was cuz we overfed him. :(

Get wekk wishes to Mr. Farley.

pore Farley. Hope he is feeling better soon


I hope Mr. Farley just has a tummy bug! I am also sure that it greatly pains him to be tossing those cookies. I know how very fond he is of them. Did he eat one of those nasty Texas bugs thinking it was a cookie? I hope he is feeling better soon! Give the big guy a hug from me!
Miss Daisy is just concerned that those cookies are being wasted. :-)

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