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I so wish I were at CHA! I hope you have/had a wonderful time! Can't wait to see photos and get an update. I hope things are going well on the farm for you Alan. :)

um, Anna? You ARE one of the celebrities!

Just chick-in on you, Alan. : )

Hi Alan, Glad you are home minding the animals so Anna can have some fun in California. Ya know we would love to see pics of that quilt, I bet it is lovely...
What do you do for fun? Have you ever made a card with Anna's stuff? just wondering...

have a great time!

and hello Alan! so how are the critters doing? give them all pets and hugs from us..... can you tell I'm not a farmer? :) just a pet lover... grins! anyhow, thanks for all you do while Anna is away!

Oh my goodness, Anna! Look at that bathing suit with the tufts of feathers sticking out the bottom! Tee hee hee. And the goggles! Oh my! Have a great time at CHA. By the way, can just anybody attend, or must we be a member of CHA and/or have a business license?

Have a ball, Anna! My thanks to Alan for minding the blog!

Wow, that Alan, what a guy ! he keeps the homefires burning, feeds the kritters, check's e-mails. Have fun at CHA, takes lots of pictures and we will love seeing them when you get back home.....

Enjoy your time Anna you deserve it. Wish we could all join you. Bring us back lots of pictures of all the goodies. Have fun!

Have fun, Anna! Can't wait to hear about the show...Oh, and I hope you make that bathing beauty chick image into a stamp one day...it's so funny!

Have a wonderful time Anna...I know Alan will miss you (so will we) but we'll try to keep him company for ya!

Wish I was there to drool on the Melissa Frances booth with you again! Have fun and take LOTS of pics!!

I hope you've packed your heavy duty golfer's umbrella, your galloshes, fisherman's raincoat, a life preserver, and a rowboat for your trip to sunny southern CA (the old country and my old alma mater). And yes, I'll have My Alan contact Your Alan while you're out. Be safe and have fun.

Have a great time in CA and hurry home to share the fun with us. Hugs...

Alan, sure thing you got your quilt in time for Anna leaving. Daisy & Mr. Farley will love it also--hugs to you, MOM

don't you have a cel phone camera? Tweet them to us!!! LOL
Have fun, can't wait to see all the goodies!

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