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Poor little Penny. I hope she is much better by now. I had a hen get her leg stuck in the back of our Adirondack style rocker chair. It was between two of the boards. I was walking over to the barn one day and there was her foot looking at me from the chair, with the rest of her on the other side. I thought she was dead. There was even blood from where she had tried to escape. Anyway, fortunately, she ended up being fine, but it was a scary experience for her. I'm still not sure how she did it.

hey how is penny doing we need a update i love youyr blog because you are a true artist and huge chicken lover i breed chickens we have over a 100 for the hatchery on our ranch so i love to hear the farm stories they make me feel all warm and happy he he he

You're such a good chicken mama! I love the picture of her bundled up with her warm drink - looks like me today (except I don't fit in a shoebox!). Glad she's ok!!

Poor Miss Penny. Good thing you came to her rescue, but isn't it kind of odd that a chicken eats scrambled eggs? Isn't that like canabalism or something?

Hi Anna,
I want to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. For being a city girl there is certainly something that draws me to your animal entries. I live in ottawa, il which is actually a pretty rural area. I teach 4th grade and all of my kids are city kids. They love your blog too. It all started with the double egg. I told them about it and then they said "let's look it up". So now you have 25 4th graders checking in on your farm periodically. we really enjoy it! Thanks! heidi

Ouch! Porry Miss Penny, I hope she's feeling much better now. It's great she has you as a "mom" to pamper her when it's needed.

Darcy is a wonderful name for your new little one.

Anna thanks for sharing your wonderful life!! I am glad that Penny was ok! Have a wonderful weekend!

Oh my, Miss Penny got herself into a predicament, huh??!! Bless her heart! So glad you found her before her leg got even more injured...you are SUCH a good chicken Momma!!!
I hope she is feeling better really fast. I know she's loving the extra attention she's getting in the house! I'm sure she's the envy of all the other hens at the coop! I can just imagine what they are jealously saying to each other today!!! :D
Have a GREAT weekend! My son is driving to Dallas for the NE/TX playoff game Sat. night! So he'll be in your neck of the woods for a day! =)

Darcy was my suggestion ... that's the first time I've 'named' a cow! How pleased am I!
Hope Miss Penny's feeling better ... sounds like she's milking all the attention!

Awww - you're a good egg Anna. In my next life I want to come back as one your feathered friends.

Oh Darcy was my fave submission for the calf! I love how it means Dark, and Lucy means light....great name for such a sweetie! Glad Penny is feeling better. Love the picture of her all bundled up...what a great Mother Hen you are, Anna, cluck cluck!

You think maybe she just wanted some "Mom" time in the house??? She adorable and the photos are so stinkin cute! I love your blog - yes for your designs and creations, but honestly - most of all for all your sweet animal photos and humor. Thanks so much for sharing all of this!

Awwwwwwwe! You are awesome!!!!


I'm just in love with your chickens! Do you think I could keep one indoors as a pet? (don't bother to answer, I know, I know.)

Miss Penny is just darling all snuggled down in her special spot next to you! Poor thing - I can't imagine hanging by my toenail all night. Well- I guess I weigh enough it would just rip my toe right off my foot! That would be fun, huh! Yikes.

Lucky Penny, I'd say!

ohh..poor Penny, I bet she wasn't too happy hanging in her world upside down...hopefully it won't happen again.. but I'm sure she's loving the nice warm hotel for the night....

That is so sweet that she coos to you. I hope her leg gets back to normal and that she gets to enjoy life back out with her chicken friends. She sounds like me - a little accident prone - and for her sake I hope that she breaks that pattern!! :)

Aaaw, poor Penny! I'm so glad you found her in time to rescue her and keep her warm. She might never want to leave your house, though...

Oh sweet Penny. I am so glad you found her! (both times) :)

Sorry about Miss Penny, but I have to ask....if you feed a chicken scrambled eggs, is that considered cannibalism? :-)

Oh Dear Miss Penny. You must be more careful. Unless of course you are doing it for the attention and an afternoon of snacks and snuggles *wink*
Well you may have the snow! We are going to be colder but no real snow in the forecast. (for now)

Hi Anna,
Good to hear from ya. Sorry Penny got into a predicament, hope she'll be ok. She seems awfully content there on your table, all cozy. Should you trim the nails, I was woondering that? Glad the calf is doing well,and hope everyone stays warm.

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