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Perhaps someone can help me... My gramma ALWAYS made me a special cookie she called "Hello Dolly" from what I remember as it's been about 30 years since I had one, Gramma passed away while I was stationed out of state and too pregnant to fly home... but anyway, it was like a brownie but had some chewy-ness to it almost like caramel in it, but NOT caramel. Knowing Gramma this is probably how she got me to eat a date... LOL

IF anyone recognizes this cookie I would LOVE to know of it. My Mom doesn't even remember the cookie??? WHAT???? UGH!!!!

please email it to needanotherstamp@yahoo.com

MY Fave cookie is one I get from a friend called a 5million dollar bar. it's layered HEAVEN, and a SECRET recipe as she makes a BUNCH of money selling it to a restaurant in her town!

God Bless to all and be safe!


I love the Snickerdoodle (recipe HERE but those white chocolate dipped pretzel rods sound YUMMMMY!!!

I make a ton of cookies as well. I also make home made peanut butter cups and my husbands favorite is Kornflake balls with peanut butter! He eats them as I am making them!!
Peanut butter Balls
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup Karo syrup
3 1/2 cup Kornflakes
1 cup peanut butter

Cook sugar and syurp until disolved, add peanut butter. Remove from stove and stir into Kornflades blend well, but be careful not to crush the cornflakes to much. Very carefull, it is quite warm, spoon balls onto a tray to cool.
Very quick and easy, but like I said my husband LOVES them!

I do at least a dozen different kinds of cookies each year at Christmas.
Pizzelles (you'll need a press for these), sugar cut out cookies, rum cake, spritz, rocky road fudge bars, Door County berry cookies (oatmeal with dried berries), Reese's peanut butter cup cookies, ginger snaps, rosettes (if you have irons). I have more.... :) If you want any recipes, just ask!

Your list sounds absolutely yummy! My mom and I used to make the peppermint bark and it's always such a hit.
My favorite all time cookie though has always been the Snickerdoodle. It brings back fond memories of my grandmother who always made them. They're simple and sooo very tasty. If you find you need an additional recipe I'd be glad to share. Frankly you can probably find it anywhere because they're just that simple and yummy.

I am an oatmeal cookie girl. But my entire family only seem to want chocolate chip (from the back of the bag, no nuts!). So if I make oatmeal I have to be prepared to give some away or I end up eating almst all of them myself!

I just posted my favorite oatmeal cookie recipe on my blog:

I love Russian Tea Cookies (even though I have never made them). I make a really good pumpkin cookie with cream cheese frosting, chocolate almond cookies, and cranberry orange tea cookies with vanilla glaze. My husband loves when I make cheesecake topped brownies (I've made them since the first year we were married, I did not make them last year and he really let me know how bad they were missed).

I have the best sugar cookie recipe. I also make soft ginger cookies, Russian teacakes, Seven layer bars, and fudge. YUM!

Christmas isn't complete at my house without homemade gingerbread men. My Grandmother always had them. I put a bit more icing on mine. Have to dig out the recipe. Thanks for sharing your yummies with us. I need to get going in the kitchen now that the tree and decorations are all up. Hugs.

My favorite cookies, right now at least, is plain 'ol sugar cookies. As far as the recipe that is between me and the "pilsbury dough boy" ;) ;) LOL!

It's just not Christmas without having Snickerdoodles!! Everyone loves them!!

I found a yummy recipe in one of the Kroger or Publix mailers and it looks so delicious:

Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars (no bake).

Let me know if you want the recipe.

I take small square pretzels with and unwrapped rollo on top. place them on parchment paper on a cookie sheet bake long enough for the rollo to melt remove from the oven and cool. caramel chocolate pretzel. MMMM.
I also do oatmeal cranberry white choc chunk cookies. recipe on the bag of craisins. yummy

My favorite are what we call "Snow Balls". Not sure of their real name and I don't even know what goes into making them. My dad once had a side job of delivering eggs and at christmas he would do an "exchange", home made tamales for his boss and his boss, in turn, would give him home made snow balls. Years later my sister was able to get his wifes recipe and she would make them at Christmas. Sis passed away in 1992 and then my big sister took over. They are not only delicious but bring back so many memories. They're about 1" round dough thingys with crushed walnuts and powder sugared on the outside. Yummmmmm!
I'm sure you all know what I mean, right?
I've tasted quite a few but not ones as good as ours!

My favorite cookies during the holiday season is christmas cut out... You know the kind - soft with icing.... I just made 30 dozen snowflake shaped ones yesterday and I need to get then iced & sprinkled and in the freezer today!

I found a recipe for Snickerdoodle Spritz cookies this year - have to try it yet but it combines 2 wonderful, traditional Christmas cookies. I've recently been doing an easy littel thing - doesn't even have a name. You take a circle shaped pretzel (RoldGold makes them) and place it on a cookie sheet covered with parchment. Place a chocolate kiss in the center, place it in a 275F oven for 3 minutes (just enough to melt the kiss) then press an M&M into the center. Place them in the frig to set up. They are very colorful and have that great salty/sweet combination.

Turtles all the way Anna...so much better than store bought. But make plenty if Alan has a sweet tooth!!

snickerdoodles are definitely a family tradition!

Chocolate Crinkles are the favorite here in my home - my mother started making these with myself and my sisters and brothers when I was little - that was 40 some years ago - LOL - and we all still look forward to making and eating these, as do my three kids and my brothers and sisters children - they are yummy delicious!

My favorite is Powdered Sugar Cookies ... my aunt's recipe. She makes a lot of this dough up ahead of time and freezes it so she can just slice and bake whenever she wants some throughout the year.

2 sticks room temp butter
4 Tbsp powdered sugar
2 tsp. vanilla
2 cups flour
1 cup chopped pecans or walnuts

Beat butter and powdered sugar together. Add vanilla and beat again. Add 2 cups flour until combined then add nuts.

Wrap dough in wax paper or clear wrap and form into a long tube (I square off mine). Put in refrigerator until firm (or a few minutes in freezer). Slice approx. 1/4" slices and bake at 300 degree (yes, very low). Cook about 15 mins or until JUST BEFORE THEY BROWN. Don't let them brown too much. Cool on rack. When cool, cover in powdered sugar. These things fall apart in your mouth. So airy and delicious. Oh, and low calorie too ROFL.

Hi Anna,

My favorite goodies are from my mothers kitchen..One is Orange Cranberry Bread and the other is Magic Fruitcake..now many people do not like fruit cake but this is not like fruit cake..it's made with dried fruits..I'd share these with you and I promise you everyone will love them..everyone that told me they did not like fruit cake devoured this one..it's just to yummy but it's pricey to make..

Anna, I have some really good cookies and candy recipes on my blog...posted last year with some new ones to come this year if I can find the time. Look for the label cookies!

We do "Peanut Butter Balls", too...but not sure if they are the same...ours aren't like Buckeyes...they are no bake. Here is the recipe:

1 reg. size crunchy peanut butter
1 bag mini chocolate chips
2 c. confectioner's sugar
1 c. nonfat dry milk
6 tbsp. water
graham cracker crumbs

Mix first 5 ingredients and form into balls. Then roll each ball through graham cracker crumbs. Refrigerate for 1 hour or so to harden them up a little. Yummy and EASY!

I have a top secret recipe for an almond florentine bar cookie. So yummy!!!

YUM! Sounds like a good plate of treats. This year I've added Cranberry Hootycreeks that I got off of Laurie Schmidlin's blog. Not only are they YUM-O, but I LOVE the name. Ü

Hi Anna!

Sound like you are having a lot of fun baking! My favorite is sugar cookies with frosting! Please share your recipe for Peanut Butter Balls, I haven't had those in years!

We change our "cookie menu" every year but the one thing that remains is Peppermint Bark. My 11 year old daughter can now make it all by herself. We have an extremely easy recipe. Cookie sheet lined with parchment paper; one box of Bakers semi-sweet chocolate - melted and poured in an "S" shape over the parchment paper. One box of white Baker's chocolate, melted and poured in the empty spaces (not filled in by the chocolate) on the parchment paper. One box of candy cakes hammered (we've found an ice cream scoop works best) into very fine crushed pieces - sprinkler on top of chocolate and then placed in the freezer for an hour or two. Remove from freezer, break into good size pieces and place in tin. Keeps for quite a while in the fridge.

My favorite are spritz.....buttery cookies with a touch of almond....mmmm....I have to get the recipe out (I should have it memorized!!) so I can give it to you if you'd like!

We have so many favorites we like to include on our platters. Linzer cookies,snowballs - a basic nut cookie dough wrapped around a kiss, baked and then powdered sugar is sprinkled on. Cherry Coconut cookies, gingerbread cookies (the easy way) and Mountain cookies, which is another easy cookie that has an indent in the center and is filled with a coconut filling and then chocolate drizzled on top. We include fudge and the microwave peanut brittle with the cookies too.

No Bake Cookies are fast and easy !

I love the kiss cookies, but I really love TURTLES!!! Pecans or walnuts, caramel and chocolate! That's what I can't keep my fingers off of!!!

Mine is Chocolate Chip hands down..
I also like peanut butter fudge, its pretty easy to make.

Today I had the kids help make your dog cookies recipe, and we packaged them in cute little bags to take home.

Nala says "thanks, they are yummy, but I'd like to eat the whole tray".. clearly she knows a good cookie, lol

All you need is the toffee!! Yum! I'm definitely making it again this year.

What about putting your split pea soup mix in cute little jars? I still need to try that recipe.

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