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Does your talent never end? Oh, these look delicious!

Sooooooooooooooooooooo where's the recipies?????? I'm drooling all over the place and need to sample these delightful looking goodies.
Have fun visiting us in Washington - we love it when you drop by.

OMGoodness....I can feel my blood sugar rise just reading this post. *grin*
I unfortunately won't be baking this year. :(

You are a baking machine!!! Sure wish I lived next door to you! :D
I'm so glad Miss Penny is better! I can only imagine how her hen friends reacted to her bragging about her spa day! :P

ahhhhh......cookies! Can you believe I've been so busy that I haven't baked any yet?

Your to-do list looks delish! :) I'm very glad to hear that Miss Penny is up and around again. She looks like a real sweetie.

YumMMY pics Anna :) Thankfully, I'm not a *sweets* lover [insulin dependant], but I'm totally sniffing out those Peanut Butter Balls :)~~ Think I'll have to Email my favorite baker, in the whole wide world, that creamy-peanutty-rich-decadant recipe of yours.{{Wiping drool from my chin! lol}}

Whomever is fortunate enough to receive one of your "treat-trays", must REALLY feel special and loved :)

P.S. My 'fav baker in the www: My 82yr old ¤¤•Mom•¤¤ xxooxx

Have you posted your peanut butter balls recipe somewhere? Thanks!

Oh my those Snickerdoodles do look yummy. They look just like Gammy used to make. I may have to make some of my own.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, Snickerdoodles!!!!!

I just made my baking list last night:
Chocolate Truffles
Decorated Sugar Cookies
Almond Florentines
Pecan Tassies
Caramel Balls
5 minute fudge
Sugared Date Squares (so yum!)
Butterscotch Shortbread bars
Cranberry-Orange Tassies (new this year)
Gingerbread men
Bird's Nests
and possibly Walnut Anise Gems

I figured a triple batch of most everything will do but I may even have to go quadruple on some of them.

would you mind sharing the peanut butter balls recipe? THey look divine!!

YUMMY, I should not have checked this before breakfast! I want chocholate! Everything looks delicious. Nice to hear that Miss Penny is doing well. Have a good Friday, hugs...

wow, you are in full baking mode! i made your toffee and everyone went nuts over it ... thanks for the recipe! it is fantastic!!! we now have a new treat to add to our special list of yearly Christmas treats.

They all look so Yummy! How do I get on the list????? LOL!!!

wow, now that was a lot of baking. The trays will be wonderful and extra yummy. Please share the pnut butter ball recipe.Very glad to hear that Penny is all better and is back with her friends.

p.s. guess you know what to get your Dad for Christmas...

you picked a heck of a time to start me on the South Beach diet! Still not a flake in the yard,and my sheep skin mocasins are shot, the cat ate one. Love, Dad

Oh never mind...I just saw the one pretzel turned the other way and thought both ends were nekked! LOL

You have been busy!!! How do you get the chocolate on the middles of the pretzels??

Glad to hear Miss Penny Henny is back in the coop...she was looking verrrry comfortable all wrapped up in the towel! LOL

Have a wonderful Christmas Season...looks like we may have a white Christmas in the north West!! Bring your snow boots!

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