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I am hosting Thanksgiving...very small gathering in my very small house! Just the way I like it! Oooh, I can taste it now! Yum! I started a Christmas list, does that count? I'll be last minute as always, sigh.

Uhmmm .... you went 'where' after DFW??
Next time, please detour a wee 15-20 miles North of DFW?! Pretty please??


I have realized that the holidays are looming right around the corner. I love some aspects of the holidays while others not so much. Unfortunately I have some relationships that will never be right this side of heaven, and while we all manage to get along and sweep junk under the rug, the junks there, and it does diminish the enjoyment of the season.

Best Regards,

Thanksgiving plans well under way~
Turkey, Ham, sweet potato casserole, cranberry jello salad, 10 layer salad, corn casserole, dressing, oyster dressing, green veggie~either green beans, broccoli, or asparagus. Then, chocolate pies, pumpkin pies, coconut cake, and hot fruit punch and coffee. Part of this will be brought by others. (26-30 guests in all)

Then, Christmas presents well under way. Knitted hats for all nephews and boys (6 in number)
Homemade aprons for all ladies (6 in all)
Then devotional books and leather bookmarks for remaining males. Then I will pick up the yearly calendars I give all my kids and a few articles of clothing. Christmas will be slim this year, with most items being made from the heart!

What about you?

Don't you just LOVE Sprouts? Their produce is fantastic and very inexpensive, too. I was stunned when I found English banner sausages in the meat case. Freshly made to order, wow!
For Thanksgiving, my husband will be working so I'll be whippin' up some buffalo wings to munch on. Hey, its a "form" of turkey, right? Oh well, there's always pumpkin pie!

Oh my, you DID have a busy weekend! I know it was hard to part with your "babies"...but you know the new parents will love them, too! So glad you were successful in finding good homes for them.
Wish you could have ANOTHER weekend to REST and play!!! I'm sure they go WAY too fast. And I can't believe it's November already...just blows my mind. WHERE did the year go??? Wow, time goes by quickly, esp. the older you get!!! (like ME)...

So glad Truman and Zip have happy new homes! That makes me smile.

No plans yet for Thanksgiving other than to roast a wonderful turkey and enjoy LOTS of leftovers!

Glad the animals found great new homes. Our weekends are always way to busy, and over before we know it.
Thanksgiving dinner will be
edible bread cornucopia filled with fresh veggies/dip
roast turkey
green bean casserole
jello/fruit molded salad
pumpkin pie

My dad is coming this year (Philadelphia to Colorado)which is exciting since we rarely get to see each other for the holidays. Another friend is coming over and I may have a few more. I am probably going to make a turkey recipe from Giada that I found on the food network this year.....sounds like the critters got good homes.....

Well being one of your Canadian followers, Thanksgiving has been and gone.
I have started my Christmas shopping, my cards are half done and I am still stitching up a storm for homemade gifts. Soon will come all the foody things that need to be made...
I LOVE Christmas


It is good to hear you found good homes for Truman and Zip.
Who thinks that far ahead? Well actually it is a no brainer - always the same. I do the main course and pies, then the rest is brought in by relatives. Simple. Enjoyable. No fuss-no muss!
YES, I have started my christmas shopping, a big dent in it already. And what I do not already have I know what I am getting or makiong. Oh Dear, I better get busy !
Have a wonderful week, hugs...

Glad you found good homes for your animals.

My youngest daughter was here yesterday and we planned out our Thanksgiving menu; always turns out to be the same menu we have had basically for years. All the favorites! :>)

Baked Turkey
Baked Ham (my sister will bring this)
Dressing and gravy
Mashed Potatoes
Crockpot Corn (my sister makes this-has cream cheese in it)
Cranberry salad (my sister eats it as dessert)
Broccoli Rice Casserole (with Mexican or jalapena cheese)
ColeSlaw or tossed salad
Homemade wheat rolls
Pumpkin Pie and I am making a new pumpkin pecan cake recipe. Desserts is an area we play around with except the pumpkin pie.

I see a few added pounds in my future. :>)

I have to work Thanksgiving day so we are having people over the Sat. before. Fried turkey is the main course. I bought Greek yogurt for the first time today! haven't tried it yet, glad you said it's yummy!

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