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Honey mixed into a paste with soda sometimes relieves the pain. We learned to spot asps (that is what we called them) when I was a kid. They love oak trees and are really pretty. They look like a furry teardrop. Just the kind of caterpillar a child would pick up. They have them in Louisiana too and they are very painful.

Here's a virtual get well card to you. My daughters and I are screeching and Ohhhhing over your pictures (of the bite and the moth itself.) Your mom's post is hilarious! Glad you're feeling better today. Thanks for yet another Anna Wight nature lesson for us that live in the burbs.

Anna - having lived in Texas as a kid (which I must admit, I go back to in a heartbeat!), I was bitten by one of those nasty little critters. It does hurt. My spot actually hurt for quite some time after that. I hope your pain goes away very quickly. I hope also, that your villian, unlike mine, became dead immediately!

I never seen or heard of that kind of caterpillar. I couldn't tell from the picture which end was the front.

I hope the pain doesn't linger.

Wow, that is one scary caterpillar. Who knew that this was even out there? Anna dear I hope you are recovering well. I feel so bad for you.

Oh dear Anna! I HOPE it won't take 5 days for your symptoms to disappear!!! This photo is absolutely alarming!

I was worried about you before, now I'm on my knees praying for you!

OMG! The hotter the climate the bigger the bugs! Here in Toronto, the weather is lovely and no bugs! If ever you need a escape Anna, or just need to go skating, please feel free to come and visit!
I promise, no stinging bugs!
Sylvie Greeniaus

You poor thing! I've never heard of this evil little creature. I'm hoping they are only down there where you are! LOL Gosh that looks awful! And the name of the critter is even awful too! I'm sorry this happened to you! Best, Curt

sooo sorry -- oh, my --- what a mean-o bug! I've never heard of this bug -- but I would suggest putting aloe on the bite -- if you have an aloe plant strip the green off and put the slimy aloe on it and wrap gauze around it -- I bet it will bring some relief. Take Care!

Oh my! So sorry, Anna! A friend said his son dislocated his shoulder and was unaffected, and shortly after wass hit by one and could hardly speak, so I know it must be really painful.

Oh yeah that hurts. I have really good pictures of one of these caterpillars and it looks like a cute cuddly little bear. It will burn your britches off though. Hope you feel better soon.

Okay I'm sure there are lots of benefits to living in Texas..but that would not be one of them. How in the world did this happen? Did you fall asleep and it was on you? I'm perplexed girl.

EWE!!!! I've never hear of such a thing. Even the name is creepy! Hope you're feeling better

How awful!! And here I was grumbling because it warmed up to about 70 here and the spiders (speedy black ones) invaded the house and barn. Oh and I nearly stepped on 2 different garter snakes walking across the yard. I will so keep my "crap". Pack Mister Farley and your art stuff and tell Alan you're going back to Mom & Dad. Are the fringe benefits worth hanging out in such a detrimental place? Feel better SOON!

Oh Anna, poor baby! That looks and sounds very painful. I don't care for moths (they give me the creeps), but this one is awful even at the caterpillar stage. Hope you visit a doctor if it's not improving today. Take care.

Weird stuff Anna, just weird.

Three not very nice words immediately come to mind....and it's not OMG! But OMG, what is that thing?! I mean I read about it, but yuck! They grow awful bugs in Texas! and Florida too, sorry but they do!

And Mom....close to your brain? Are you trying to completely freak me out? How about you Anna? Is your brain ok? Sorry, but that's kinda funny-my mom would say that to me, lol!

Feel better! Maybe a glass of wine or two? That'll do it :)

Ok, now the Auntie must chime in here! Like your father, I too am on my way to your rescue. That'll be the last human that species ever tastes! JESUS! Hey! Wait a minute, is this a clever ploy to get your family to come to Texas and bring your butt home? Well, after listening to your mother's stories about spiders and other creepy crawlies in Texas, I'm staying right here in the damp ole Pacific Northwest where the slugs are my worst enemy.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Luv ya,

Oh, my god! That is just the sort of cute, fuzzy caterpillar that me or the kids would pick up without even thinking about it! Maybe they should rename Texas, "Australia." I hope you get better soon. Call the doctor, please!

Ouch! that looks really nasty. Hope you are better soon & maybe you should make a trip to the doctor. Lots of Hugs.

Oh my - I don't think we have them here in MN...I could just picture one of my kids thinking it's a soft, furry "nice" caterpillar! I hope that you feel better quickly!

Ugh, no fun! I had no idea there was a stinging/biting sort of moth--uffda (in my best Norwegian voice)!


That is horrible! How did you come to be close to one of those creatures? How the heck did it come to be on your neck? Are you sure it isn't a vampire caterpillar? Yet another reason to stay out of Texas! I would go to the doctor today if you are still in pain! I don't like the location on your neck! Best to be safe so get thee to a doctor!
Time to fumigate the farm! :-)
Feel better, Manetta

Ick... and ouch! And if not bad enough I like that heir suggestion for treatment includes putting tape on your neck to pull out the stinging hairs (as well as all of your own! Adding insult to injury I might add!)
Hope you feel better soon, and I hope those critters like the deep south only, and not the great white north!

Holy Cow, that is TERRIBLE!!! Who ever heard of such a thing? And how did you KNOW what it was?? I surely hope it feels better soon...keep taking anti-inflammatory drugs, and that will help a little with the pain and redness; I wonder if some hydrocortisone ointment would help? You probably tried it already. I'm so sorry that this creature attacked you! PLEASE FEEL BETTER SOON! **HUGS** to you...

Wow I've lived in Texas all my life and never seen or heard of these catapillers. Hope I never incounter one. Take care and I hope you feel better soon.

OUCH! How on earth did you wind up getting stung by one of these critters? I've never seen one or even heard of it before, so it was interesting reading! Wish it wasn't at your expense though! Hope it heals up soon!!!!!

ewww, I got the heebie jeebies looking at it. How did it get on your neck? I hate bugs of all kind (except for ladybugs .... they are adorably cute -- I even drive a Beetle). Feel better soon.

Oh dear...wouldn't it be nice if I could actually type with no typos....eeep.

OMG, Anna...what the heck! Is it not bad enough that you've got the heat and the dry and all of those animals to deal with on a daily basis...now you have to watch out for caterpillars too?!? Sheesh!

I thought it was pretty bad when the announced at the in-laws pool this summer that we had to watch out for this red-velvet ant thingy...they called it a "cow-killer"! Ho-we-cwap! Looked it up and I don't think it can actually kill a cow. We did see them though...hug red velvet looking ant thingy. YUCK...bugs suck!

Feel better dearie!

As I am deathly allergic to bees and wasps, I am fearful of all stinging and biting things now. He is an ugly critter, Anna. Sure hope you get some relief real soon.

Ouch! Anna, I hope it's getting better and better.

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

Ok, so I checked out the info of these stupid caterpillars, and then worried about you last night. Hope you are feeling better today.

EWWWW ... what a beast! Hope you squashed him! Feel better soon.

Ouch! I've never heard of stinging caterpillars before, but he sure sounds (and looks) like a nasty little beastie!
Hope you're feeling better sooon

Have you tried Soy Sauce? I know it sounds crazy but I read somewhere that it works on wasp and bee stings. Just dab it on.
These are suppose to work too. A paste of cider vinegar and baking soda or rubbing a cut onion on it might work too. Don't think Alan would appreciate that last one. lol

I don't live very many miles from you so I'll definitely be on the lookout for these critters. If I see one, he'll be smashed for sure!

Ouch is right...that thing not only sounds icky but it looks creepy too. (I was brave enough to look). Wishing you a very speedy recovery.

Ahhhh, what a revoltingly horrid little beast! Not to mention, just plain rude. Hope he paid dearly for his indiscretion.

My mother was stung by one of those and it sent her to the hospital. Hope you are doing much better than that :)

Oh Anna! I'm so sorry!!! I loved reading everyone's reactions though - my two favorites were your Dad - (a true knight on a white horse here!) and Ann's - "I'm too afraid to click on the link . . ." that's me, too!! LOL

Please take care of yourself - it sounds serious. Some of these insects have evolved past the point of reason.

I've never heard of such a thing. Ouch! Hope you're better soon.

OUCH! I read the link and thought I wonder what kind of stinging caterpiller got me. I found it in the attatchment, the Io Moth. NASTY enough and the Puss moth is worse. No thankyou, I hope you get well very soon. But be very careful and seek medical attention if it gets any worse. Hugs...

Even the name is disgusting, How did the thing look wiped all over the wall? That's just the sort of thing to put me on the War Path! I'm on the way, I'll save ya! Love, Dad

SHUDDER! Just looking at that thing makes me all shivery inside! POOR YOU...hope you are feeling better soon...and I am still giggling over your Mom's comment right above mine, hee!

SHUDDER! Just looking at that scary caterpillar makes me feel all shivery inside! POOR YOU! I hope you are feeling better soon!

Anna~ I hope you are feeling better soon. That little bugger looks scaaaary!

You better get yourself to a doctor due to the toxicity of this nasty 'pillar. I'm so sorry you got stung. My Alan says to tell Your Alan to get you to a doctor ASAP. Feel better!

That sounds so painful! I've never heard of these before! Thanks for the info. I hope you feel better soon:D

Ouch! is for sure... hope it goes away quickly with no lingering problems.


That sounds nasty. Take some Benedryl and take it easy. I am glad that it is getting cool enough here now that most of the bees and spiders are gone for awhile.

I knew there was another reason I would never live in TX!!!! Hope it gets better Super fast....you need a couch, some Benadryl, a big Spoon, a Quart of Ice Cream and a movie, STAT!

I have never EVER hear of them! that is so interesting! wow! i hope you feel better soon Anna...i did get stung by a wasp and i must be a bit allergic, the rash and pain did not go away for weeks!!! So i hope you have better luck with your sting and get better soon! (what no pics? ha ha)

Oh yuck! That does not sound fun at all! :( Hope you feel better soon!!!

I am too afraid to click on the link to see a picture!

Hope you feel better soon!

Ouch!! Sounds horrific!!! Benadryl baby!!!
And stay away from the little critters. ;)Take care!!!

Jenni King

That would be you are.....LOL...my under the weather brain isn't working up to par today....

OUCH! Hoping you feeling better soon!

OMG that's absolutely horrid. I've never seen such a thing. I hope you feel better soon

Oh, Anna, what an awful thing to get stung by. Another weird thing in Texas. Watch it close...it's close to your brain. If you need me to come nurse you, call your DAD. Love, MOM (you know how I am with spiders and such, you won't see me in Texas again soon)

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