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You should buy those brands who already have their name. Try not to buy those cheap ones because they easily wear off.

Wow! Now I know much new about the nail polish:) I remember I tried once Sally Hansen's Diamond Strength I didn't like it so much. Thank you for the post, I enjoyed reading the comments:) Good luck!

I use OPI nail polish and a product called Vita Seche (sp?) as a topcoat. It's the hardest product I've ever used! It works so well that my nail polish more often gets worn off on the tips.

I have hard nails that won't hold gel nails or acrylics (my manicurist says I have a lot of oil in my nails, who knew). I also like the look of a natural nail. OPI polish comes off at the tips the same day I put it on. The only polish I can get to last at least a couple of days is Essie polish. Mademoiselle is my favorite "natural color". I usually only use one coat, and if I do notice a little wear I add a second coat.

I never used to use anything but drug store brands until I splurged and bought OPI last year. I have always had problems with my nail polish not drying properly, not spreading well when applying, and not lasting longer than a day without chipping. With OPI all these problems are gone!!! I can actually wear the OPI for about a week before it starts to wear and chip. I use no under or top coat. This stuff is great! I am very hard on my nails, too- I am also a farmer and my nails are tools to me, so the fact that this polish is that long lasting is just amazing!

OPI is de one!

You can find OPI at Target! I'm not sure if that's been mentioned before. Also, I love Essie for natural/pink colors. I use OPI for the dark reds, etc.


Do you apply top coat ? I think that helps with keeping the color on.

I agree with so many posts already listed. OPI is a wonderful product and I think you will see the results you are looking for.

Wow! I'm not a polish girl but I'm loving reading how others have overcome this challenge! Anna, I'm so glad you asked!

I like ProStrong or Joan Rivers, both on QVC. They both last incredibly long, no chipping , come in lots of colors including neutrals and are cheaper than OPI. You can try them for 30 days and send it back if it doesn't work for you. GOOD LUCK!

I have to jump on the OPI bus as well, but not without the OPI "Natural Nail Base Coat"; it makes all the difference - it keeps the polish obn like nothing else.

Most often I use OPI, but it still chips and peels. I use very light colors or just keep clear on so they look neat. I haven't had long nails since kids (my hands are always in water and don't grow too long anymore).

OPI has a new product line called Axxiom (I think that's how it's spelled). It is a gel lacquer that stays on natural nails until you literally soak it off with nail polish remover.

OK Miss Anna, for once maybe I can assit you *wink*.

There are two products that I stand by, that last the longest on my natural nails, with very little chipping (I don't know of ANY nail polish that doesn't chip?).

First one is the OPI brand (expensive-about $12 a bottle), and second, Revlon Colour Stay (consists of two steps//two bottles; colour and a clear top coat).

The only *catch* with all these non-chip claims and products is they instruct you NOT to use a base coat [clear] on your nails, PRIOR to your colour. I won't do that ~ eventually, as the years go by, your nail colouring will "yellow" from everything they are exposed to, including coloured polish.

That's my 2-Cents worth :0)

Definately OPI & China Glaze!! I, too, put on a coat of clear every day or 2.

OPI. You must use OPI! And the names are just as fun and yummy as the colors!!!

you must use OPI- it's the best. Base coat, 2 layers of polish and top coat- good luck getting it off!

I have been using China Glaze Jet Stream nail polish for years. It's a light pink with a bit of sparkle in it.

I have tried them all, some are better than others but nothing is foolproof! Just remember to put a coat of clear on once a day (everyday) and that will help.


I'm weighing in on the OPI! My niece is a Nail Technician and so is one of our good friends, and OPI is the only kind they use!

Just had to see if "Dad" weighed in on this one. Fish on, DK! Sorry, nails are tools and I've never had much luck with making mine pretty. I think it's a good day when they're mostly clean...

The thing that makes the most difference for me is making sure my nails are super super clean with no traces of oil/lotion on them. With regular manis all the oils and lotions they use to soften make the polish chip like mad for me. I always clean my nails with straight acetone, paying close attention to the edges. I know it's horrible for the skin/cuticle, but the polish stays better and I make sure to use cuticle creme after the polish dries.

OPI is expensive, but it ROCKS.... as for a great neutral color. Bubble Bath is the BEST!

Chip Skip by OPI. don't leave home without it....seriously!! This stuff works like magic!! Fingernails will still very SLOWLY chip due to dishwater & whatnot, but toenails will last FOREVER, I had the same color on for 2 months!!! Looked like brand new!!

I don't use nail polish anymore since I found the buffing block of Seacret. Your nails start to shine perfectly en it lasts several days (they say 14 days, but mine don't shine that long). They say it's made of minerals from the Dead sea. I don't know or it's true, but it works. They have a website too, but I don't know or it's ok to mention that one.

I'm absolutely facinated!!! I'm just amazed that all you girls are using some of my favorite fly tying head cement! Sally Hansens is great, but my vote is for "hards as nails". Yup, it puts beautiful heads on all of my best streamer patterns. Fish on! Love,......... Dad

if you can find it....(ebay)....revlon's colorstay...in always cool....2 bottles...one is color with bonder....then clear shine sealant...love it...lasts me about 10 days....my hands are always in water and i do crafts also....

I am a big OPI fan!

Tip: Make sure to apply a clear top coat every couple of days.


Essie Sugar Daddy. I'm a freak about nail polish chipping, peeling. I also wash my hands at lest 20 times per day, so I'd given up on nail polish. I can get a good week+ our of Sugar Daddy! And it's a nice neutral skin tone pink. You'll love it!

This is interesting!!! Nail polish will NOT stay on me, and I quit trying DECADES ago!!! My nails chip and peel, and I just trim them with clippers! (I can hear women gasping LOL) I like Avon's strengthener/repair stuff, it's the best I've found. That just keeps them from breaking so much. I never use polish, but am curious now about that OPI stuff! If I ever get to a beauty supply store, I'll check it out! =) Good luck finding something that works for you...

I like OPI too but find that if I use a top coat like Avon's, any polish will do.

I am not one to wear polish on a regular basis. But, when I splurge and get a pedi, I like OPI. A couple of my FAV colors are 'Dutch Tulip Red' and 'Chicago Champange Toast' (mocha color w/ some sparkle).

Having horses, I've given up with nail polish. I can grow them long, which most people are surprised at (I wear gloves when I ride) but have not yet mastered the art of not chipping polished nails when at the paddock. No suggestions from me, sorry :)

I'm an OPI girl here too. I use my hands A LOT and this is the one that lasts the best for me.

My favorite brands are OPI and Sation. On the rare occassion I opt to wear nail polish, I wear super light colors. My all time favorite color is Cotton Candy. If I can find it at a nail salon, I'll send you a bottle.

I am cheap and don't like to pay for pedicure's and I'm a little skeptic that everything is really clean! Therefore, I set out to find something I could do myself and get the long lasting effects as well. I went to Beauty Brands and bought the OPI Chip Skip, Base Coat, Top Coat and Color. I have been very pleased!!!!! The Chip Skip layer even made a big difference. It's a little expensive but of course lasts forever!!! That is my whole hearted recommendation!

OPI is the best. and I gotta say I always look forward to the names of each collection hehe

Zoya nail polish has a top notch color lock system that is worth the minimal investment. I also LOVE their polish colors. I'm pretty hard on my manicure and I've had the best luck with Zoya.

If you need help picking out colors this website is awesome ... http://www.nailgal.com/

I also like CND stickey base basecoat and Nubar Diamont top coat. Nubar and Zoya are hard to find in stores but I've had good experiences with their websites.

Another vote for OPI *with* bonder as basecoat!

OPI w/a natural nail bonder as a basecoat - bonds the nail polish to your natural nail.... of course, keep your hands out of water until after the event! My sister is a pro nail tech and has taught me the tricks! Have an inky day - and keep that nail polish on!!! :)

Another vote for OPI here...great product!

OPI is the best I have ever used.

I get gel nails done with french manicure...they don't chip at all :-)
Bit expensive but they work for me

I recently discovered Finger Paints and it definitely lasts!!

I am watching the answers to this question. I just can not keep nail polish on!

Personally I think OPI is the best. A little more expensive but lasts!

I've had really good luck with OPI and with Sally Hansen's Insta Dri.

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