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Oh Anna! She is precious!!!!

Nevermind...I see that you've picked Darcy. That is cute too. Reminds me of Mr. Darcy from Pride & Prejudice.

Haven't read all the other name suggestions, but for some reason Saffron sounds so cute to me for a little cow. I know saffron isn't black, but it just SOUNDS like it should be the name of something adorable.

If you are going with the color of the cow, I once had a black cat named Onyx. Though that doesn't sound as cute as the calf is.

I vote for Lulu :)

well someone else said Ethel but that was my choice too....you just can't have Lucy without her Ethel

Hi Anna
I just stopped by to see how things were going down on the farm. Congrats on your new addition, she is gorgeous!! How about Lilli or Lilliput...short for lilliputian.
TFS your wonderful photos.

Have a great day,
Karen x

Hi Anna .. I already made my name suggestion for the new baby on the farm ~ *Crimpy* :) Something different and unique, just like her owners :)~~

QUESTION: What are those freckled red-spots on the baby's belly? Never seen a baby cow that young ~~ she's Sooo sweet.

My first thought was 'Ethel'. How can you have a Lucy without an Ethel???

She is absolutely adorable! How about Miss Daisy, like your typepad logo ;-).

Congratulations on your new little moo moo! She is just so stinkin' sweet! I like the name Raven because she is so shiny and dark. Thanks for sharing your creativity and farm life with the rest of us. Your blog is my favorite one to check first to see what is going on 'at the farm.' Keep the pics coming!

Oh, she looks like velvet! So sweet! I just want to kiss that big soft nose!

LuLu Belle is the first thing that came to mind, but I see it's been offered up several times with various spellings. One name that stood out for me was Cassis - different, unique, yet meaningful. Whatever you decide, I know it'll be fine.

Awwww, what a sweet little thing. Congrats. I just wanna hug her little face.

Okay, I havenseen Lulu suggested and Bella suggested - what about "Lulu Bell". Lucy's lil Lulu Bell.

Congrats on the new addition to the farm!!!!

What an adorable lil gal! How about naming her "Lela" which means dark beauty. Then she keeps the L from her mama, too.

Congrats on a GIRL! She's got a beautiful shiney, black coat. So sweet.

Anna, she is just adorable. I think you should call her "Little Bit" or "Half Pint" since she's so little. Adorable, and great photos as well...


Awwww... what a cutie! Congrats!

Okay, this is a reach, but I just had to offer the name "Diamond"

Then you can tell people:

"Lucy's in the Sty with Diamond"

Yes, I know sty's are for piggies... ;)

Just found your blog! Can't wait to read more!

Gee, there are already so many good suggestins for names. She is just adorable. Congrats on a little lady! Some other names that I don't think were mentioned include "Scarlett"(Gone with the Wind - Scarlett had black hair); "Bonnie Blue"(Scarlett's daughter by Rhett and being in TX you have those lovely Blue Bonnett flowers); "Lizzie"(my daughter's name is Liz); and "Lola"(just because). Have fun picking a name. It will be fun to see what you decide.

I thought of a name before I read any comments, but I see that others have already said what I was thinking...Lulu. I was thinking "Lucy's Little Lulu". She is so cute. Congrats on your new baby girl!

I think Tinkerbelle would be the perfect name. What a darling.

thanks much

I was going to suggest Little Bit but see someone already mentioned it. Ethel would be good because of Lucy's friend Ethel. But I read someone's suggestion of "emma" - doesn't that just sound like the sweetest name of them all. Emma has my vote. But let's face it - whatever the name, she's darling and will be well loved. Thanks for sharing the great pics.

Congrats. I think "Pearl" might be a good name for her (or more exactly black pearl). Black pearls and small but very precious. What do you think?

Congratulations! What an adorable face. She looks so sweet. How about "Sweet Pea"

Awww, isn't she beautiful!
She looks like a Darcie to me (which is an old Irish name meaning Dark)
Good luck choosing your name!

She looks like a little black bean...I vote for Beanie (that was my brother-in-law's dog and I have always loved that name!)...we have a black lab named Olive, but I think someone already took that choice yesterday. So I'm sticking with Beanie.

Congrats on your new little bundle of Moo!!

What a black haired beauty she is!! What about "Liu Liu" - after Lucy Liu - another black haired beauty that came to mind :0)

She is just the sweetest thing! Adorable little face. Thanks so much for sharing your farm life with us!

she should be named LuluBelle, as she will be the Belle of the barnyard. and such a beauty she is... thanks for sharing. MaryAnn

She reminds me of a cute little moose....soooo my suggestion is Crissy-moose, like Christmas.


WoW! the estrogen is thicker than tar! OK finally a girl, So lets call her fritz or maybe Bob. Estelle Getty died a while back thats a nice TV name. Minnie Pearl? Oh, good grief! Melissa, that's it Melissa! Love, Dad

I vote for Rikki - even girls are named Rikki (and Lucy had Little Ricki while the TV show was on the air).

Aww.. she's sweet...

How about Lucy's Little Lady? And then you can call her Lady for short? since she is the first girlie on the farm!


Congratulations on the new addition. She's very cute...and thanks for the more modest pictures =D

I know its not original and looks like someone else has already suggested it but my vote is for Ethel.

I'm going off the path..love little emma..just looks like a little emma to me..I was so touched by these photo's..Thanks Anna for the beauty of life you share with us..Hugs and Congrats on the new Baby GIRL!!!

Wow is she cute. How about "Precious"

Congratulations on such a little beauty! I like the name Pearl.

Congrats, mom and dad, and mom. I was going to suggest Ebony, but I see it's already been suggested. First name that came to my mind when I saw the adorable pics. So, cast my vote for Ebony - after all, it's a name for black. What an exciting life you have, Anna. You are truly blessed. xoxoxo from Idaho, Jeanne

Congrats on the new girlie girl. She's beautiful. I think a good name for her would be Lilian. Hugs, Nellie.

Congratulations on the first baby girl. I looked up the meaning of Lucy....it means "Light" so I thought an appropriate name for the baby would be Darcie(Irish version)or Dorcey (English version) ..which means "Dark" Whatever you name her, she is adorable. Such a gorgeous little face, enjoy your new addition to the farm and as always thanks for sharing your life with us.

I LOVE today's photos. She is a *Gem* . You finally got a girl :) Have a good week, hugs...

How very sweet! Your animals are lucky little (and big!) critters. Thank you for sharing.

I like the name Olive not only because of a cute little round black thing, but also because it makes me think of that little girl on "Little Miss Sunshine". :)

she is adorable! I love it that you share your animals with us. The pictures are priceless. Can't wait to see what name you pick.

Cuuuute! I vote for Ethel.

She is so beautiful. Congratulations to you all. And a girl to boot! I am liking the Lil LuLu idea. Your pictures make me want to live on a farm! I love animals and baby animals are the ultimate. Have fun:) Janet in NC

Ethel would be my choice - just seems perfect with her moms name being Lucy. She is beautiful! Congratulations!!!

Oh, so sweet!

Lucy's Little Ebony

Me, I am all for Ethel! Who better to go with Lucy than her pal Ethel.

She is beautiful! So beautiful she should be named after something equally beautiful ... Jade (black jade) or Ebony.

How about "Violet" after Violet Gray, Lucy's friend on Peanuts.

She's soooo sweet looking...reminds me of a violet...

Oh my how adorable!!!!

I think that her name should be Rikki....since her momma is lucy....little rikki would work...its both a girl AND boy name...LOL
to darn cute.

Ack!!! Cow porn!!!!! LOL!!!!
What a cutie pie and she is sooo little!!! I love some of the other names that have been suggested, but the first that came to my mind was "Glossette" (like the candy!!)- one because she is so glossy, and the "ette" will work for little or female!!!!
Welcome wee one!

Precious! My boys think Lulu is a good name.

The first thing that came to mind was Charlie Brown...since she's not red (could have named her peppermint patty) how about Violet. She was the one who had black hair.

How fantastic! She's adorable. I have two name suggestions. One is Cinderella, and call her Cinder because she's black. Also, I named my black female Briard puppy Cassis, which is french for Black Currant Berry. Maybe you're familiar with the liqueur Creme de Cassis. Anyway, congrats! Linda

Go with a Peanuts theme - call the little bugger Woodstock since she's so little!

I have to agree with the other's -- her name must be Ethel!! How cute would that be! :-) What a sweet little one! Congrats to Lucy!

I'm thinking of "small" names, and the first and best that comes to mind is Minnie.... (Mini... get it... HAR HAR HAR!!!)

The name that comes to mind is Gidget. What a sweetie. Congrats on a keeper. Ann Lind

my son looked at her and thought her name should start with an M ... then decided Miah - which is Aboriginal meaning "the moon". I like it!! good luck picking a name.

Congratulations on the new baby girl. she is beautiful.The first name to come to mind is Bella aka Lucy's Bell. I love the pictures of her.

Oh, what a little sweetie! Sweet Pea should be her name!

The first name that came to me (before I read all the others) was Silky. Beautiful pics of an adorable newbie!

How about Desi?

Name her Little Lu. That isn't an order it is a suggestion.

How about naming her Lucy's Belle...a little play on words. :) Whatever you name her, she's adorable! Hugs, Anna!

Ahhh...congrats on a little girl!
I still like Pea...as in Black Eyed pea..she is tiny like a pea and has black eyes.LOL


First name to come to me was "Bella"
She is sooooooo cute.

I like Ethel too...I was worried I would be the only one!!!

Congrats to all...she's a beauty!!!

What a sweetie! I definitely agree with Ethel! Gotta love Lucy and Ethel!

My first though too, was Ethel! But I like Lulu, also! Very precious, beautiful photos! You captured the beauty of her coat so perfectly!

I'd call her Olive, as in cute little black thing! Plus, it's an older name like Lucy. Congrats on the girl; she's beautiful!

She is soooo cute! You could name her Tiny, Ebony, Button, or Highly Desirable and Much Loved Bitty Piece of Heifer. :)

Tooo cute!!!! Just because my boys (12 and 8) love "I Love Lucy". I'd name the calf Ms. Ball, little Ethal, DeziLu. Ok...Ok...Ok...enough with the cheeziness. We really are not crazy "I Love Lucy" fans...Thanks for sharing...what a cutie pie.

Oh my what a cutie! I can't wait to see more pictures. The first name that came to mind was Ethel. Thanks for sharing your farm family!

She is beautiful and I would name her Lucy's Lou ......

thank you for sharing

Congratulations! What a cutie pie.

Hey girl! I always love reading your farm news! Glad to see that mom and her lil' girl are doing well. Thank you so much for the pic that lets us confirm for ourselves that it is indeed a girl! LMBO!!! That's hilarious!
We just got a new all black goat and my daughter named him Licorice...that would be suitable for this lil' one too.

Well, since momma's name is Lucy, how about Patty aka Peppermint Patty (she is the freckled one who loves Charlie Brown! Or Sally, who was Charlie Browns younger sister.

Oooo, she's adorable! Smaller than I had pictured! She's just precious - and congratulations and a GIRL!!!!! YIPPEE!

Your photos are just amazing, Anna. I love your art - the paper arts, and photography, and the art of living!

Thanks for sharing with us!

Oh my stinkin' heck! Your baby girl pics are adorable. However, the last pic with Alan's hand on her head like a doting daddy choked me all up. Literally tears were running down my face. Ya gotta love baby critters! I have always loved the name LuLu or mabye LuLu Little Bit, Little Bit for short.

How about Ethel!

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