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Oh look at your darling bundled penguin! What a cutie! Glad to hear that your "boys" are living the life at the ranch. Lucky guys!

I LOVE your penguin! How cute is THAT??!! Awesome...
Glad the "boys" have a happy new home. I would love to have some "pet cows", just to love on, and look at in the pasture. I keep telling my husband I HAVE to have a COW to love! I grew up with them, and life is just not the same without them! (fortunately, our neighboring farm has cattle that I can see!) I do think it's humorous that your Dexters are being used by the new owner as a "loophole"....cracks me up! But we all have to do whatever we can to beat the system! LOL :D

I think it sounds like you're 'taking' this a little easier than I might. ;)
Buh-bye little guys!! Here's to happy pastures!!


I am OVER-joyed that someone within the ¤¤Wright Clan¤¤ takes notice of me having "withdrawels" and other "issues", due to you being too busy for your *Peeps* :0) Hehehehee

It must be wonderful to watch a healthy off-spring from your farm, thrive and be happy in his new home. Esp. since the group will be reunited again ~ that would truely make my heart soar....¤ª"˜¨¯¯¨˜"ª¤.¤ª"˜¨¯¯¨˜"ª¤.¤.

But you know what else I'm hoping to hear about soon? Updates and pics of your crazy goats, high on top of the hay bales.

BTW, LOVE LOVE LOVE your new •••Penguin••• image ~ I'm hoping this is another stamp from your upcoming WS release, "Snowman Pals"? Idea for 2010 winter/xmas sets ~~ how about creating an ENTIRE set of Penguins ~~> I think a lot of your *Peeps* love them and collect them. [ME!]

Please tell your Dad, I can breath & relax now, since reading your post from today :) And I'm glad to hear he's doing better, coping with his recent knee surgery ~ soon he'll be able to kick your butt, should you choose to miss a post here *wink*. LOL XXOO

I'm so glad DK prodded you into a post! I was also thrilled to see his comment and ALSO learn a quick update about his knee - that's great news, a "two-fer"!

The ranch where the boys went sounds wonderful - it makes me happy. I knew you couldn't just keep them all and I didn't know about the agricultural exemption thing - so who said we can't learn things reading art/stamping blogs?!


Oregon only counts horses as an agricultural exemption if you breed and sell, or board commercially; that's why I got Shetland sheep initially. Then they stole my heart.....

Gosh...that is the cutest penguin!!! You are amazing!

Hi Carol, She is right you know, I do "monitor" her posts to try and figure out what is going on down there. I have "proded" her in the past about folks holding their breath for the next one. I knew the boys were to go to this particular ranch and it seems that he is going to have a nice line of Dexter Bulls. Since I recieved so many cards from the girls I watch the "by line" on the comments even more closely to keep tabs on what they think too! The knee is still very tender but before long it'll be fine. I hope. Love, Dad

OMGosh, LOVE this penguin!!! Is it a stamp??

Good morning,
I wish we lived near you and I would get some chickens. AZ is a little too far!
I was watching Martha Stewart the other day and she had a whole episode on cheese, and a lady was making cheese with goat milk, and it made me think of you, and your farm and all the critters.
Do you make cheese?
Hope you are well!

What a LIFE, those lucky boys!!! It sounds like they have a very good home. :) Enjoy yur Sunday and I will check in a gain to see what wonderful things you have created. And *Hi Dad Wight!!!* hugs....

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