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Well I'm happy to hear you are feeling much better. - Yikes the picture just made me cringe. I'm sure that was not fun at all.
Hope you avoid Skunk Spray too.

Ohhhh Anna! How horrible... getting bitten by a catapillar! I honestly have never heard of such a thing, but I can tell from your photo it was awful! So glad you're back to normal. :)

And good luck with that skunk!! :P

Glad you're better Anna!

Take care and STAY POSITIIE!

Oh man, do you give your goats rabies shots? That is scary, skunks can carry rabies and not show any signs like bats. Be careful!

Are you trying to get hazard pay?? Or is it that you just have the biggest heart and all of these creatures want a piece of it??So happy to read that you are feeling much better. Always willing to polish your pedestal, but no desire to polish your casket. Stay safe and well, Anna.

Glad to hear you are feeling much better. I had never heard of such a caterpillar. It is always amazing to me that such a small little creature can put out such pain. Wow! Be well and feeling good again.

So glad to hear you've recovered from the sting! We were worried.

Egads! What if the skunk is a SHE and decides to have baby skunks (skunklets? kits?) under your barn? But don't worry . . . that probably won't happen. :)

Wow! Glad you are feeling better but I never knew a caterpillar could sting! Actually, I'm afraid of most bugs and crawley things because you see, give 'em a chance and they'll get you...Ahhhhh!!!!!

For heaven's sake Anna, firt stinging poisonous caterpillars and now mammoth skunks! What is it with you Texan's anyway? Thanks for the update and I'm so relieved to know you're on the mend. I hope you're stocked up on tomato juice (for the skunk's spray).

Holy Cow! (:D ) I never knew that there were venomous caterpillars....how painful! Hope they don't migrate up here. I have my hands full with ladybugs who stalk my bathroom....Have never know why but this is annual occurance and the only place they come to. I can't kill them as they really are harmless but I swear 1 bit me the other day when I was shooing him out of the sink. Glad you are better!!

Just goes to show you, you have the best home around for any type of animal, caterpillars, skunks! Glad you're better from that awful sting!

As a kid growing up in the "City" I always played with caterpillars when I went out to the "Country" to visit my grandma...She and I would catch bugs, put them in a jar and then free them to watch them scamper, fly or jump away. I loooved caterpillars...I cannot believe that they stung you. I NEVER knew that they stung...I am flabbergasted...actually embarrassed to think that over 30years ago I played with these furry creatures and I could've been stung!!! Yikes!!!

Maybe you could sic the caterpillar on the skunk...

Well now, life is never BORING on the farm! Pe-ew a SKUNK. Do not scare it... hehe.
Glad you are feeling better, Have a wonderful Wednesday. hugs...

So glad to hear your feeling better. Take care!

so glad your sting has gone away.... thanks for sharing your life with me everyday.... I love hearing about the animals and things you everyday....

So glad you're feeling better. I hope that skunk ate the moth - they deserve each other....yewwwww!

So glad you are feeling better Anna. Huge hugs

HURRAY!!! So happy that you are better. And no brain infection! :D I totally understand your Mom's worries! You just never know! (and Moms are worriers, and think of the worst!)
We have skunks too, and hold our breath that the dog or cats won't aggravate them enough to get sprayed! UGH, that stench lasts FOREVER! Sure hope your visitor moves on to another place!
Have a great Wednesday. =)

LOOK OUT--first a giant hickey and now perfume in the barnyard--must be spring? I'll take snow any day! Love MOM

...and hopefully the skunk eats caterpillars....


I am glad to hear you are pain free. That moth can be dangerous.

SOOOO glad you are back to feeling your self again. Nasty caterpillar!!

well I am glad you are feeling better. Hopefully the cooler weather will make them go away soon. Enjoy your day!

Boy, turn my back for a few days and you get bit by a caterpillar! Who even knew they did that, much less hurt so much! Glad you are all better. Glad to read about all your little guys finding cool new homes, too.

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