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Awwwww, just how sweet is she!!!!

How about Helen! Its one of my favorite old fashioned names. OR

Another suggestion would be Lucia, which is lucy in Italian! Have fun with her.

I wanna hold her Ü Super beautiful calf, that's for sure. How about Lucy and...
Licorice? Special people love black licorice, so she's one-of-a-kind *Ü*

Well Shoot, how could I forget TINY TIM the tiny rooster! *red face* Dad Wight, Thanks for the reminder.

Since Lucy had her maybe she should be Ethel.

She's a beauty!

Nope, you cant name him after a chicken, Carol. I say Tinkerbell and Little Mac, as opposed to Big Mac. No sense worrying about a girls name, they haven't had a heffer yet. Ho! Ho! Ho!................. Love, Dad

What a gorgeous Mommy and baby! I like the name suggestion made in an earlier post... Diamond! That baby certainly IS a gem! Congratulations!

Oh boy, Mama looks ready to burst! Glad Baby is here. She's a little beauty. Hey, how about Black Beauty? I know BB was a male horse, but I always thought it was a girl's name.)

What an adorable itty bitty baby! Bitsy for a girl, or a boy!!

Sky or Diamond..."Lucy in the sky with diamonds"

After seeing her this morning, I can imagine just how proud Lucy is of her. She is SO precious. Can hardly wait until we can see her running around. This morning she was a little wobbly, wasn't she, but am sure by tonight she will be running around her Mother. Congrats Alan and Anna!

How neat! I think if he is a boy, call him
Angus. If it is a girl, call her Beauty.
Thanks for the birth announcement. Always
exciting to see the new events coming in.

S/he is just beautiful! I can't imagine how small - but after seeing Mama, and hearing that the face is no longer than the palm of your hand, I'm thinking about the size of a female labrador? Congratulations Anna! (Also on getting away from the fair without "fluff balls"!)

Very cute! My daughter (8 yrs old) thinks you should name her Jasmine or Aladin if it is a boy. (Hmmmmm.... Where did those names come from?)

What thrilling news! I can just imagine your elation. Your photos are just wonderful and that newborn calf is precious. If it's a girl, how about Tink or Tinkerbel. If it's a boy, then "Earl" - you know, Black as "earl" (oil)?

OMG, OMG, CONGRATULATIONS, LUCY AND ANNA AND ALAN!!! What a wonderful gift to find upon your return!!! How about "Blessing" for her name?! (I know, really corny!) She is just beautiful, and I cannot fathom how SMALL she is! I'd LOVE to have a bovine baby that tiny!
I am super jealous of the fair you went to...when I lived in TX they had THE most wonderful events like that. Sure do miss them! The crafters are just superb...how FUN! SO GLAD YOU got to go, though! Just wish I could have been there too!
Have a fantastic week~! Can you believe it's going to be Dec. in 2 days??? !!! :D

That is some curly cuteness right there! Congratulations on your new arrival at the farm!

Sweet Baby, looks like she had an easy birth. And it looks like you just missed it. He/She is still damp! Congrats on a new *family* member :o) Names: Boy - Tiny Tim, Girl - Thumbelina. Have a wonderful Sunny Sunday. hugs...

Thanks for sharing the pictures and love your blog..... the calf is beautiful

What a blessing. I know when we had calving cows, it was always a relief when they got on with it themselves and all went well. Looks like a gorgeous little (well not so little)calf.

Hey Anna, those are my favorite kind of births! Come home to find all the hard work done! Yeah! Congrats on the cutie...

because of the size I was thinking Thumbelina if it's a girl. Pee Wee or Button perhaps if it's a boy. but regardless - that is one adorable calf!

I'm thinking Ethel. :O)

Cute, cute, cute!

How about Caliope? Callie for short!

I had a similar idea to Sherri...I was thinking if it's a girl name her Olive...(I Love Lucy)

WOW :0) What an amazing gift to come home to... she or he is just so darling.

As soon as I saw the baby, this word came to mind, so I think it's an interesting name too ..... CRIMP !!

How about Ricky if its a boy? Lucy and Ricky. Get it? She/He is so pretty!!!

Ahhhhhhhhh...she is a little Black Eyed Pea...so maybe call her Pea
glad Lucy did OK without you there... Good mama.

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