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Oh no... I'm late!!! Happy Belated Birthday Anna! Sounds like you had a wonderful day. I sure hope so anyway. Thanks for sharing!!

Sounds like you had a great day! Enjoy your weekend too...it's still counts as part of your birthday week!

Are you sure you're 25? You don't look a day over 18! Happy birthday, sweet girl!

Happy 25th, Anna! How fun to spend it with loved ones and be spoiled!

hi anna
happy birthday to you happy birthday to you,happy birthday ,happy birthday
happy birthday to youuuuuuuuuu
and be glad that you cannot hear my sing!!!
hihihi hope yoúr birthday were great
hugs sylvia

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANNA! May it be a good one!

Happy Birthday Anna! Beautiful wishes and angels to watch over you!

I hope your day was filled with fun and all the critters behaved themselves!
(oh, and I bet you looked smokin hot in those new boots!)

Happy Birthday!!!!

Fabulous! It sounds like you're having a great time! Enjoy that IPOD touch!!

Dog gone it! I missed your birthday. I'm am besot over this. You and I are only 20 days apart. My failing memory notwithstanding, I do wish you lollipops and rainbows and a very Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday Anna!!!!
Enjoy your music!

Yea!! Happy Birthday!!!! Hope you have a great B-Day (week)celebration!! Dinner and new boots!! What a great week!! :)
Jenni King

Happy Birthday. Sounds like you had a great evening out with some amazing presents.

Wow! Boots and an IPod too? Lucky girl. Santa is suppose to bring me an Ipod. Enjoy!! Happy Birthday Anna and thanks for a great blog.

Happy Birthday! Wishing you many more!! Love reading your blog!

Happy Birthday Anna

My birthday was yesterday...you did better then me! lol

Happy Birthday Anna...we don't have Red Lobster where I live (though we DO have lobster!!!) but it sounds good. Enjoy downloading lots of fun songs on your new toy!

Have a wonderful birthday. Hope there is cake in there somplace too!

Happy Birthday!!

25ish? Oky Doaky kiddo, that would make me only 45. Cool! If we were all 25 again, I'd be investing in Micro soft and Starbucks, and living in a Costa Rican villa! Happy Birthday! to my first born baby..............Love always, Dad

Have a wonderful day! I love your blog.

Feliz Cumpleanos, Anna!

Happy Birthday! You share your birthday with my awesome nephew. I sang to him but I'll save you that pain and just wish you a wonderful day.

I like how you keep track of the years. I am voting for your system. Have a very Happy Birthday and best wishes for the coming year.

Happy, happy b-day to you! Sounds like you got some nice things. Wish I was closer & I would celebrate w/you cuz tomorrow is my birthday. Enjoy your day! Hugs.

Happy, happy birthday to you Anna!!!

Nope! You cannot be 25(ish). . . coz, I'm 25(ish). You are more like 19(ish).

Happy Birthday AnnaBanana!

Happy Birthday Anna!! Have a wonderful day.
Many blessings.

Happy Birthday Anna Anna Anna!!!

A very happy birthday!!

Happy Happy Birthday Anna!! I knew there was a reason you are i are so much alike.....my birthday is the 8th!! October is a great month!

Have a delightful birthday, Anna! You will love your iTouch!!! There are zillions of great apps you can get for it.

I also loved your new boots, they look comfy and stylish at the same time.

Thanks for the farm update, as well.

Hi Anna, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I think the
I-pod (and any form of it since) is the greatest invention of of the decade!!!
Enjoy it!

Those are some kick a$$ boots you got, girlfriend! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Got the nicest card from D.K. in the mail today. His writing so reminds me of my penpal in Alaska. Hope your Mom enjoys that darling card you made her and that she realizes that if she was the one on the mend, we'd all be dumping cards addressed to her in their mailbox. Have fun, young chickie!

Best wishes on the anniversary of your 25th birthday!!! Wishing you all the best for the coming year and always.

Big hugs,

A very Happy Birthday to you. I enjoy your crafty creations and your farm experiences as I have lived on a farm (first dairy and now beef) for years. Something always happening.

Happy Birthday, Anna. I wish you peace and happiness and fun everyday.

Happy Birthday Anna! Hope your day is FANATIC!

Happy Birthday Anna! Sounds like you made out really well. Our youngest foster daughter shares your birthday, she turns 8 today. Enjoy your day.

Happy Birthday Anna! I hope you have a wonderful day and strecth your celebration all week long!

Oh to be young again...LOL
I hope you have a FANTASTIC birthday. It sounds like Alan did well with your gift!!! WHAT FUN!
I'll bet the critters get extra cookies today in honor of your birthday...and I'm sure the cake Alan is making will be delicious, too...hint hint, Alan! :D

Happy Birthday Sweet Miss Anna!! Hope you're day is as rockin' as the tunes on your new IPOD!! Aaah to be 25ish again . . . ;0)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Hope your enjoying your day and your new IPod

A very happy birthday, Anna!! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Happy Birthday Anna!

Rock on!!!


Happy Belated Birthday Anna!! 25ish is such a lovely place to be! :o)

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

Happy Birthday, Anna! Sounds like a great celebration. And I loved your new boots! Gee, and a iPod touch too! Cool!!

Happy Birthday Anna! I hope that your day is extra special!

Happy *25th(ish)* Birthday Anna!!!! :)

Happy Birthday Anna! - Hope your day is just a wonderful day doing all the things you love. You are such an inspiration and I just love your blog. Wishing you much happiness today and all through the coming year. You "Spring Chick!"

Happy Birthday to you! I'm also an October baby but I have to wait a few more weeks ...


Happy birthday to one of my favorite bloggers! Enjoy your day doing what you love to do!

Happy Birthday Dear Anna! Happy Birthday to you! Glad to hear you had a lovely birthday dinner. Hope your day is fabulous!

Happy Birthday from a long time worshiper and first time poster!! Just know that when I grow up{grin}I want to be you. Oh and BTW...I'm 25ish too.....lol.

I started reading your blog because I loved your stamps and cards but I have to admit that I love to read about your farm crew just as much.

I hope you have a wonderful day today and every day. Hugs, Kelly V.

Happy Birthday Anna, hope you have a wonderful day Hugs Ann

Happy Birthday, enjoy the day!

Aww, it's my birthday today too! I really love your blog, it's one of my faves!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Anna!!! I was helping you celebrate long-distance by having salmon for supper last night too. It was delish! Have a great day - week - month - year!

Happy Happy Birthday !! I hope you have a wonderful day!

Happy Birthday Anna!! Hope you have a wonderful day you young chick!! I got a chuckle out of the 25(ish), when I was entering my 30's I used to say "I'm $29.95 plus shipping and handling" tee hee! Enjoy the new ipod :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Favorite Anna! Have a wonderful day. Sending Birthday HUGS...

Have a fun-filled birthday full of all the things you love! Best Wishes to You!

Happy Birthday ... and many many more

A very Happy Birthday, Anna! May you experience the joy that you have given to the rest of us through out this last year! I bet that Tipsy is throwing a party in the coop in your honor!

Happy Birthday! Mine was on Monday. :0)

Happy Birthday!!! Have a wonderful day! Did you have the Maui Luau (sp?) salmon? It's fabulous and a favorite of mine! Enjoy your day!!

Happy Birthday tooo youuuu, Happy Birthday too youuu!

Happy Birthday Anna! I hope you have a fantastic day!!!

Happy Birthday, Anna!
Happy 25th!!!(wink, wink)

Awesome presents! I love mi ipod touch! They rock. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Anna!!

well, geez, I needed more notice than that, no way to get a card to ya on time now..
Sounds like you had a wonderful evening of good company, and some new fun things. My DH is waiting for the I-Touch as well(Christmas).I hope you have a wonderful day!



Happy Birthday Anna!

hope you ahve a wonderful birthday. Don't know where red Lobster is but the meal sounds scrummy

Hope you have a wonderful birthday, Anna! Red Lobster is one of my favorites, too. (Love those cheesy biscuits!!)

Happy Birthday! :) Enjoy your IPOD.

Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Anna!!!

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