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I just had the same thing happen... so I Googled "Giant Egg" and found your blog. (If anything, my egg appears to be even larger! I don't have a scale). Everybody in the hen house appears normal.

Can you imagine how the chicken felt??? Poor thing, deserves a "rita" after that!


Hey Bob, It's called callousing, as in doing an honest days labour. You should try it some time...

what kind of drugs do you deal? most people wouldn't just have that kind of scale handy

Ha-ha, don't you mean, "re-coop?" Poor bird...

Yo dawg, I heard you like eggs, so we put an egg in yo egg, so you can eat, while you eat.

Oh my goodness Anna, Just reading this. That is incredible! Thanks for sharing the pics - nobody would have believed you otherwise.
Have a great Monday, Liz

Ouch! Poor chicken!

What more can be said?

Fascinating about that egg within the largerr egg. Your photography is, of course, amazing!

Poor thing! She's probably off licking her wounds somewhere. Well, she probably would if she could!

Give that little lady some extra feed and
a soft cushion nest for a few weeks. She deserves pampering at its best. I couldn't
believe my eyes. Unbelieveable.

I started following your blog for your great card ideas, and I still do, but the chicken stories, and the animal stories are even more interesting. I'll never forget the chicken who got his own coat. God has blessed you with the most interesting life. Thanks for sharing.


Oh Goodness that was some egg! Totally amazing to find another egg inside the egg (a little weird too)!

We get super large double yokers to, but I've never seen an egg inside an egg before!!!! Thats crazy!! Only on your farm Anna.....

Incredible! Thanks for sharing, Anna!!

I tell ya Anna I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it. We had a friend that had chickens and we would get eggs from him and sometimes there were some huge ones, lots of double yolkers and once even a TRIPLE yolker, but never an egg within an egg! Love reading your stories and also looking at your work.

Oh my goodness! Have you ever had another egg shell inside? I've never heard of such a thing! Poor hen. Did you find one of your hens lying on her side looking whipped this morning? :)

Ow that poor hen!!!! THinking of your ladies today!

My Alan says "that poor chicken". He also says for you to isolate that poor chicken and to giver booty a rest. Men!

Kinda like a woman birthing a watermelon. OMG! That egg looked just like a potato in your hand. Poor little hen!

OH MY GOODNESS, ANNA!!! That is INCREDIBLE! I have never heard of that happening~~not that I'm a chicken expert or anything; but WOW! What an event!
It's so fun to see what's happening on your farm...how great! But I agree with the OUCH, that HAD to hurt! Prep H for SURE! :p

OOOOOOOO-AAAAAAHHHHHHHH, Here in the Pacific Northwest we have a lake on an Island with an Island in it.
That's cool, but in Texas you have a chicken that may be related to the OOOAAAhh bird that lays SQUARE eggs! And yours are bigger too. My cup runeth over! Love, Dad

WOW! That is amazing! Thanks so much for sharing.

Oh damn!!! Have you checked hen booty? Someone in the is having a bad day! Can you say "chicken C Section"?

YIKES! I bet that was uncomfortable to get out!

Oh ouch! Bless that hen! Very cool though...

Oh my, you need to notify Ripley's Believe It Or Not (are they still around?)!! Or maybe the Guiness (sp?)Book of Records! Yikes, that egg is huge and oh, that poor hen.

Anna, I find this completely fascinating to say the least! I can't belive there was another complete egg on the inside...NEATO! I feel sorry for the hen though...in need of a vacation for sure!

Totally wild! I think that chicken not only needs Prep-H but perhaps an inflatable donut ring to sit on!! I figured I'd comment so you know that I am enamoured of your barnyard tales so keep em coming. If someone had told me when I started stamp blurfing in earnest last August that one of my favourite blogs would often feature chickens with personalities who like being petted, I would have had them commited! Not only would I have expected chicken stories to be boring and irrelevant(sp?), but who knew chickens like being cuddled and have personalities. Thanks for the fun reading!!

Wow! That's huge! And crazy that there was another full egg inside!! I don't know much about eggs, but I'm thinking that's not normal?! Hope the hen has recovered from this!

Takes the phrase "lay one on me" to a new level. : )
Thanks for sharing these wonderful show and tells. Hugs.

That poor hen....have you checked them all...she might be hemorrhaging somewhere? Poor baby.

Oh my word! That's amazing!! Poor hen, lol - wonder if that's like a woman pushing out a 10 lb baby? Ouch. Very interesting though - thank you for sharing!

That is the most amazing and weird thing!! I feel sorry for the poor hen that laid it! Ohmygoodness..is she recovered yet?? Jeanne in COLD north Idaho...xoxo

An egg in an egg? Amazing! Thanks for the photos.

Whoa! That's incredible, never heard or seen anything like that! TFS

LOL! What are you feeding them?? That's incredible! I had a horse once that passed a stone that large!

Wow! Thanks for sharing this with us. I wouldn't have believed it was possible if I hadn't seen your photos with my very own eyes.

Well isn't that somethin'?!!! TFS!

Wow Anna, that is the most amazing thing I've seen in a good long time. Thanks for sharing the photos. All I can say is WOW!

OH my! that is totally something! How interesting! Have you ever heard of that happening before? kinda like that lady who is preg with 2 babys! conceived at different times! wow.....facinating! thanks for sharing....prep H..hahha...i wouldnt want to be the one putting it on the hen...NO THANKS!

Oh my gosh. I'm clenching my legs together as I type. Thanks for cracking it open, I was dying to know what was inside. LOL!

Have you researched this? Has this happened before? What would make this happen? I am very intrigued!

Do you know whose egg it was? And did you eat it? I don't think I could but I hate to see food go to waste. Wow.

Wow.. my kids think that is awesome! they were asking me to scroll back and forth for them to see.. thanks for posting the pics. that is one big ole' egg!

~ Pam

WOW that is AMAZING, poor hen! Thanks for sharing the cool stuff. I have never seen anything like that. A double yolker, yes, but never and egg-n-egg! WOW hugs...

That's amazing Anna! Thanks for sharing it. I'll have to show my oldest, Kevin. He'll really enjoy learning about it. :)

Oh my achin' bum, just looking at it hurts! It may not be Curly Que's egg, but it sure would curl my feathers! I've never seen anything like this before, thanks for the education.

Didn't even know that was possible!!

That is amazing.Do they build up to that, or did she lay an egg recently as well? Pretty compact way to deliver eggs I suppose,lol
p.s. still waiting on eggs from my gals..

Amazing! I have heard of this happening, but never seen it, congratulations!

This is the most amazing thing I've ever seen, I think. I wonder how that happens?

Oh, that poor hen! Maybe she needs an inflatable donut to sit on today! LOL

Oh my goodness. That's amazing.

OMG!!! Your commentary just cracks me up. That must be the equivalent of about a 10 lb. baby! Preparation H and some ice packs ought to do the trick!

Oh MY! Makes MY buns hurt just thinking about it! LOL! Yikes!

That's the first time I've ever seen an egg WITHIN an egg! Thanks for documenting it with photos and sharing it with us!

OUCH!!! Pretty much says it all! :-)
Take care,

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