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Oh, this sounds yummy. I'm the only one in my family that will eat split pea soup. I have a recipe that I do in the crock pot & then freeze in containers -- all for me.

Anna I did make this soup up and have been in hog heaven ;-)
Of course I had to substitute a few things due to what was on my shelf. Yellow split peas and curry powder instead of the chipolte. Dee-lish!
Do you mind if I share the recipe? I'd be happy to attribute it to you!

I wonder if I could use Lentils instead of peas...only because were short on some groceries right now.....sounds nummy girl!

This soup sounds wonderful. I'll have to give it a try. My husband also doesn't like split pea soup. They just don't know what they are missing!

Split-pea soup is a family favorite...Alan doesn't know what he is missing. Enjoy!

YUM, I love the recipes you have shared. Your Anna Banana bread is my husbands FAVORITE. THANKS, hugs...

Hi! All of these are good, but with those dry split peas that one can use,another legume that is wonderful in this way is the Lentil it softens about as fast as the split pea does and will add another level of taste to the pot. Lentils are a great dry land pea, from asia I believe, that is great for soups and stews and will make a fantastic Chili. Grown in the northwest too! Love, Dad..... PS. use them as you would any dry pea.

Where's the ham hock, or at least the ham bullion cubes? LOL We both love pea soup and leftovers are hard to have around long. One thing you have to have for soup like this is a stick blender! Vroom, vroom, all done! LOL

I was just gonna go look for a split pea soup recipe...thanks Anna, sounds great!

YUM! I love split pea soup. Yours sound delish and easy. I like the crock pot recipe posted above me too. It may be a split pea soup weekend. Thanks!

Sounds yummy!! Do you use dried split peas or are they already cooked? I'll have to give this a try :)

Oh this looks good! I've printed it out and am going to try it myself. Yum!

Hi Anna, I make split pea soup at home too. I use my crock pot and it is so yummy. I use 2 lbs of split peas, one diced potato, 1/4 cup diced onion, 1 grated carrot, and 2 lbs ham ends and pieces. I add pepper to taste and full the crock pot with water. I let it cook on low for ten hours and give it a stir once in a while. My family loves it! By the way, our crock pot is the 6.5 quart model so it makes a bunch!

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