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Hope your back is better now. Maybe you should have wrapped this card around you. It's so warm and cozy that it might have helped the sore back. Love all your quilt cards! They look like fall--yeah!

Beautiful card!! You didn't say anything about your back in your birthday post, so I trust (hope) it is all better now.

Your card is so sweet - love the colors that you used!

Hi Anna .... Sending you some massaging fingers to help aid in your back pain. Hopefully, with some time and rest you'll be back out chasing the chickens and goats soon :)

Your *Homespun Quilt* is lovely ... I really adore how you ~aged~ the CS and made it look like your Grandmother's. BEAUTIFUL.

Feel better XXOO

Hope your back is better today. You're right about the weekend - I always seem to get migraines then. Oh well, at least we don't have to miss work. Did your barn yard dry up? We could use a little bit of that rain. Love your quilt cards.

Anna so sorry to hear you've been in pain with your back (never a fun thing). This quilt card is beautiful, rich and warm.
Hope you are feeling much better when you read this. Hugs from me to you.

Love the warm glow of this card! Hope you're feeling better.

ME again, I did it! I placed my order for the Homespun Quilt set last night, it should be here soon! I can't wait. I hope this morning finds you feeling fine, hugs...

What a precious card!

Ouch!! Hope you're feeling better ~ back pain is horrible!
Your card is gorgeous, such beautiful colors, I love it!

hope you feel better soon! so sorry to hear about htis! :( but your card is beautiful! makes me wish I had a quilt just like it to snuggle underneath.... :)

Your card is gorgeous Anna! Love the rich colors; hope your back is better soon!

Oh no! So sorry that your back is not well. And such a shame to go out on the weekend! The weekends aren't long enough as it is! I hope you are feeling better soon!

so sorry about your back I know first hand how that feels not fun
love love love this card did I say love LOL so very pretty

Love the card- so gorgeous! Feel like I could crawl underneath it!
Hope you are feeling better! Resisit the urge to not move at all- even slow and careful is better than nothing- keep you from totally seizing up!

OH, POOR ANNA!!! I hate to hear about your back pain. I know what that is like...the only time in 54 years we had to call and ambulance was for my back! I couldn't move! SO awful...I feel for you. Bless your heart!
Glad you got the much needed rain; hope the barnyard mud disappears quickly :D Sure hope you can take a day off work, and get better. And I hate that your weekend fun was ruined :(
Take care...the card is great! I MUST get that set. What fun to play with! :D

Sorry for the back pain. I do pray you're fully recovered even if only in time to work. :)

Ooo, hope you're feeling better soon. Your card is gorgeous. Love the rich colors.

ANNA, glad you are starting to feel better.
I am hoping this wil be a good week for you, take it easy Monday and do not reinjure yourself.
The card is your usual PERFECTION! I am really going to have to get that set, I t will make perfect cards for my quilting friends and MIL. SO I am off to check it out!

Oh dear, Anna! I'm sorry about your back! That's such a bummer (on the one hand) and on the other hand, at least you had the weekend to stop and take care of yourself.

I do love this card - the quilt looks warm and cozy! You've added so much in the coloring - lots of shading and such - to give it such a homey feel.

I'm glad you didn't wash away - the news reports were quite alarming!

Ahh! Sorry you're down for the count! Your card is SO CUTE! I love that quilt set!!!

Very warm and beautiful. Sorry about your back - ouch! Hope you're all better soon.

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