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Those look like N-I-C-E boots. I think you should wear them to bed!

Those boots are so cute!!! Cograts on anyone with new boots. I tried on at least 20 differant pairs at 4 differant stores, and my feet were just tooooooo WIDE. I am so jealous of your boots.

OMG - soooo cute! I love them!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Anna,

I love your boots too! I've had 2 pair of the fat baby's and I must say they are the most COMFORTABLE shoes I've ever owned. Happy walking!

Anna, I LOVE your boots! Happy Birthday!
I have to tell you that I received the sweetest card from your Dad Monday - I was so surprised! He's very proud of you . . . :-) First time ever I've gotten a thank you note for a get well card! LOL

So happy you found the perfect pair of boots - While I'm not much of a boot wearer (more of a flip-flop kind of gal) I can appreciate how fun it is to get something new, fun and comfy. Enjoy!

Happy Birthday, Anna! :)))
Cute boots! Worth tucking in your pants to show off. ;)

Happy *early* Birthday to you! Adorable boots. Love the height of them. Hope you have a wonderful birthday! {{{HUGS}}}

Wishing you a wonderful birthday. Enjoy every minute of it!

cute boots... which brand are they ??

Hey those look like a pair my sister tried on at Theisen's ( A farm supple store) and they also came in a tan with rose colored shaft. Really cute. Have fun in them!
So when is your Birthday actually? Lots of October birthdays here.
Oh, and wanted to tell you I received the nicest thank you card and note from your Dad. What a nice guy. :) hugs...

Uber cute!!! Happy Early bday to you too!

Super cute boots!! Happy Early Birthday too! Have fun & kick up your heels! :)

Nice boots. Hope your back is feeling better, and you enjoy your night out.

This is such a cute blog. You are educating lots of people with you farm pictures. Your chickens are sure up town in their fancy new house. Love your cards. Keep up the good work. signed..Northeast Texas

Oh, they are adorable, really! But, I think you need a new pair of jeans now to go with them!! After all, it IS your birthday - pretty soon!!! Myself, I'm on the lookout for some pretty RED dressy C-girl boots...got a red hat! Have a wonderful birthday WEEK! Love from Idaho, Jeanne xoxo

OMG! Anna I have these boots and I probably was wearing them when I met you last year. They are comfy from day one...didn't have to break them in or anything, and I love the shin length of them too....good choice...you will be getting another pair...one for good and one for dirt/poop/snow/mud whatever...


Happy Early Birthday! I LOVE those boots! How cute are those??? I wish they came in red :(

Happy early Birthday , love the new boots. Sounds like you are getting lots of rain. Hugs Ann

Those are stinkin' cute!!! Are they Ariats? I love my Ariats, they are sooo comfy!! Happy Birthday!!! Have a FANTABULOUS B-day celebration!! :)

Oh, I LOVE them! They are SO ANNA!!! I hope they feel as good as they look. My boots used to be some of the most comfy footwear I had! :D
I MUST wish you a Happy Birthday a couple of days early...I'm afraid I won't have a card to you on time, though...it will be late...UGH. I'm so BAD! Sure hope you do have a wonderful day, though. You deserve it! You are just totally AWESOME ANNA!!! =)

Happy Early Birthday to you! Those are cute boots! I may have to pull out the half birthday card for a special treat for me;) I hope you have a fabulous day and are treated like a queen!

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