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What a pretty little thing. She can stay with me in California. It must've been 75 degrees today

Awesome picture Anna!

What a sweet photo! Just love the expressions on both of you! Good luck with your molting Chicken!

I adore the look you're giving Nugget. And I can't believe she's perched on your shoulder like that. Such trust! It speaks volumes about how safe she feels around you. TFS.

What an adorable picture! Maybe Nugget is the one who layed the GIANT egg, and it's making all of her feathers fall out. :)

The picture of the two of you is great. Such a pretty little chicken. Haven't had any molting yet, or egg laying, darn chickens, just like them to teach me a bit about patience...

I love this picture!! You're both so adorable. If Alan took this picture, - Good job, Alan!!

What a great photo Anna - How fun to see you with Nugget.

I love the photo...both of you are adorable!!!
I hope Nugget stops molting, or she IS going to be cold, indeed! She'll have to have a beautiful coat! She's so tiny and cute...I haven't seen a little chicken like that! :D
I copied your soup recipe, it sounds wonderful! I must try it...YUMMY!
Have a great end-of-the-week! =)

She was likely hoping this wuld force you to make a coat like Tiny TIms this year...
Nice to see you in a pic too!!!

I love this pic! So cute!

cute photo...worth a spot on the refrig or in a frame! sooo wish I could have chickens.. I just love your site Anna...checking it once, sometimes 2x/day..love your art work and your life on the farm...

What an adorable photo, I love it!

Great photo! Hope she gets the molting feathers thing under control before long. If not, I think she's got a "gold brocade jacket" coming from your sewing machine, Mama.

What a sweet photo!

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

LOL, I hope she listened. But what *child* ever really does! Love the photo. hugs...

Such a serious expression on your faces it appears that you have caused her to "cry" a bit as her eyes are rather red and puffy. She is just confused about the recent weather and may be off her feed a little. Weather is a greater factor than some may think with chickens that are, shall I say sheltered or "spoiled" by the people that are their benefactors. Hopefully this is not the unfortunate hen that layed the "egg of all eggs". That alone would probably throw her off some..... Love, Dad

Geee, I can't decide which is the cuter *chick* [*wink*].

Perhaps we should start a donation site for all the 'interesting'[ahem] animals you house and love... a place where we could trade in our rubber for cash .... then we'd donate our earnings to one of the following causes ~~~>
..****•••Anna's Farm Misfits•••****


...****•••Chicks Without Feathers•••****

Heheheeee How could you not adore all these crazy critters with their different issues (ie. pulling of feathers, sitting on empty nests, hay mountain climbing goats ~ need I say more? LOL) and different personalities !!!

Why should Negget grow pretty feathers when Mom makes pretty coats for me to wear ... Your a good mommy Anna... :))) hugs,Peggie in Las Vegas

so serious!! i like the pic of you anna..!The chicken ok! lolol

Oh my! It's a good thing you've prepared that lovely home for them! I agree - it's starting to get cold . . . not a good time to lose your feathers! This is such a great photo! I can almost hear the conversation between the two of you.

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