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just popping in to see what you're up to...congrats on the publication!

Congratulations!!!!! well deserved my friend your coloring is fabulous,,,,,,, I love reading about your latest endeavors and about all the animals on your farm, keep up the good work........
Evelynn S

How exciting and congratulations on your well-deserved honor, Anna! Your painting is MAGNIFICO!!!

Congratulations on a well-deserved honor! Love your work and stop by often.

Congratulations. Your work is truly beautiful and you deserve recognition for your amazing talent.

That image is beautiful, and you are truly the master of coloring! That's awesome that you made the front cover too! Go Anna!

You're are MOST WORTHY of this honor, Anna. Bask in your much deserved glory as I hover here under your pedestal. Congratulations!

Congratulations Anna! I am a huge admirer of your work and your blog, what a well deserved achievement :)

Congratulations!!! Well-deserved! It's beautiful - like ALL of your work!

Congratulations! You color beautifully!

None of us are surprised that your art work was chosen for the cover. You are so talented and have shared your art with all of us. Thanks so much.

Dear Anna, I'm so prooud of YOU! And to think it all started out with your first coloring book and box of crayons on your 1st birthday! Cheers to you, love Mom

OmG! That is awesome that you made the cover! But I am not surprised :-)

Well, of COURSE you made the cover!!!!!!! :)))) Congratulations!!!!!!

The title didn't lie, it is really a masterpiece !!! Congrats .

WOW! This illustration is STRIKING! How exciting to be a cover girl!! Congratulations!

How cool is that?! Congrats girl!

Good for you! Your are talented in so many areas of your of your life!

That image looks like a painting!! Beautiful! Congrats :)

That's wonderful! I'm not surprised as your watercoloring is always so beautiful. Congratulations.

Wow...that's terrific! Congratulations on being a cover girl! (But I'm trying hard to spot the chickens in the picture...)

why are you surprised? you ooze talent and good things happen to good and talented people!

Very nice!Did they make it super premo nice by sending CASH too? I always liked the movie "Jerry Mcguire" and "show me the money!". Nothing would snap up my morning like a couple of "G"s Yuk,yuk........ Love Dad

WAY TO GO, Anna!!

Oh, Anna, I'm so excited for you because you are such a talented artist and deserve to be recognized. Thank you for sharing this wonderful news with us!


Well, of course, I'm not surprised. I already know that I have the most talented niece in the world!

congrads! this is such a well deserved spotlight on you!

Absolutely Awesome Anna!!! - What a wonderful accomplishment. I can only dream of ever watercoloring the way you do, truly amazing.

Congratulations! That was wonderful & you deserve it :-)

Congratulations, a well deserved honor!!

Just gorgeous Anna! even Thomas Kinkade himself would be amazed :0)

I can't think of a more deserving artist to be featured by Thomas Kinkade. You are so creative and inspiring! Congrats to you.

Congrats Anna!!! You sooo deserve it. I check your blog daily..just love it and all of your farm babies...

Congratulations to you!! And so well deserved. You are a star!!

CONGRATULATIONS a very well deserved honor. We all know how great you are, now even more people know ;) Love 'ya! hugs...

So deserved and I'm so happy for you! Out of all the blogs I read, and there are many, you're my coloring hero!

Congratulations and enjoy the recognition you deserve!

Congratulations!!! Well deserved!

congratulations! what a wonderful privilege. and the cover too!

Awesome Anna!! Congrats on the cover too! Beautiful job

Congratulations!!! What a wonderful honor! And you sooo deserve it!

I actually own this print and it is signed by Thomas Kinkaide. He came to Raleigh for the opening of one of his galleries back the in the 90's and I purchased it while he was there and he signed the back and sketched a lamp post on it!!


I'm relieved to know that Cornish Heritage Farms hasn't lost their keen sense for fine artistry. Clearly they continue to hand pick the very best artists to showcase and there's no question that's why they picked you! My hat's off to you, Anna. Heartfelt congratulations! Well done, my friend.

wow, this is so great ! Congratulations !


That is just fantastic...you deserve recognition for SO MANY things! I'm SOOOO happy for you!
Thanks for sharing with us! :D

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