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Love the tour! Thanks for sharing.

Oh, what wonderfully FOWL photos!!! :D
It's GREAT to hear about the chickens, and see the great pictures! I can't believe how little those 2 are, how cute! And CQ is just beautiful, as are Zip and Poof and the donkey and the Dexter, too! I Love hearing about your "family", thank you for the update. I hope you aren't "drowning" again today in the TX rain. UGH!
I'm with you on the tea...I just ordered some Yorkshire Gold, and can't wait for it to come. Tea is my bag! ha Hot, cold, any way or time! (don't drink coffee at all!)
Hugs to you and the critters!

Your chickens are such lookers, Anna! Wow! I love those tail feathers on Curly Que and the frizzle and colors on Zip. They all looked so loved and cared for. Thanks for taking the time to photograph them for us!

Awesome photo's! Oh those little hens are so pretty. It's so fun to see all the different varieties of chickens. Being a "city" girl I don't get much exposure to farm life so it's loads of fun seeing it through your eyes and camera lens.

Awesome pictures! Thanks for sharing.

What a great post! I just LOVE your chicken photos, Anna. I think I just love chickens, too, for that matter. It makes me happy to see them, and hear about their personalities. I can just imagine the little hen pulling on your pants and wanting your undivided attention. Someday I want to live where I can keep chickens. Just a few (yeah, right). Thank you for sharing - you are SO generous!

I love your blog and check it and read everyday.... thank you for shring your life with us....

What a fabulous post and photos! How thoughtful of you to have taken the time to write, photograph, edit, and upload all these when all the while you needed to curl up under that blanket with a hot cup of tea. Poof is so beautiful, but the last photo of the three amigos stole my heart.

Lovely photos Anna. Thanks for letting us
visit your farm.

Awwww they are gorgeous, great to see some photos again :). I showed my husband saying 'we really need some chickens' don't think it worked!

Aaah, I want a cuddly bantam hen, too!

Oh My you have some mighty fancy chicken there! Curly Que is beautiful and Zip is a pretty Fancy dude! Poof is one FLUFFY chick! The boys at the bale of hay have all grown alot since their baby photos. :) Thanks for sharing the great photos tonight. My turn to heat the tea pot and get a hot shower. Throat is scratchy- sure hope I am not catching something nasty! Have a relaxing Sunday. hugs...

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